If you are a photographer, you have quite a money making opportunity available on the Internet. Did you know that you can sell photos online? This can be a great side business and is a wonderful way to bring in a little extra cash for those hard times.

If you are wanting to sell your photos online, you first must find a place to sell them. There are many great options available to you, you simply need to look at your options and decide what will work best for your situation. Here are a few great ideas to consider as you decide how you would like to start.

Create Your Own Website
If you want to remain in control, you will probably want to create your own website. When you do this you can determine how your site looks, what your policies are and what you charge. Plus, when you make a sale, all of the money is yours. While this is a great option, it can be a lot of work. If you don't have time to create and maintain a website, you might be better off selling your photos on someone else's site.

3rd Party Websites
If you decide to list your photos on a 3rd party site, you should know that you will be paying a commission on each purchase. There are some advantages to using a 3rd party site. One is that they will advertise for you and bring traffic to your photos. Some people choose to explore both options.
If you choose to list your photos on a 3rd party site, you have a few different options to consider. Some sites are called pay per download sites and others are pay per sale. Let's look at both options so that you can determine which will work best for you.

Pay Per Download
Pay per download sites are those sites that offer subscriptions to their members. For a monthly fee members can download as many pictures as they would like. If someone chooses to download a photo you have on the site, you will receive a small payment. These payments can vary, so check with the site for complete payment details.

Pay Per Sale
This option is just as it sounds. Basically when someone buys your photo, you get money. Typically the site will take a commission off the total sale price. Most of these sites will allow you to list your photo in multiple places, so go ahead and list each photo in multiple locations to bring in more income.
You should also consider your payment options. Some sites will offer a commission or a monthly fee plan. If you choose commission, you will pay a commission off of each sale. If you choose to pay a monthly fee you will only pay the fee and then will receive a full purchase price when items are sold. Generally commission is more affordable for those just starting out, but if you sell a lot of photos each month, it might be worth exploring other options like paying a monthly hosting fee.

Have fun finding places to list your photos and being able to bring in a little money on the side, especially since you will be doing what you love. You can also gain more exposure by entering photography contests - where you can earn money and find an audience for your best shots.