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Free and very easy to use. Transparent revenue sharing model. Allows users to create not just articles but multimedia pages which include RSS feeds videos and images.


You need to have your own affiliate sign up to Adsense, Amazon, eBay and Kontera to make money on HubPages.

Full Review is a user-generated revenue sharing website. Or in English its a website which will allow you to publish your own webpages - called hubs - and in exchange you share the revenue from advertising on the site with the company.

Hubpages provides a very easy interface which even a beginner with no knowledge of how the Internet can get going. In fact there are a number of "real world" published authors who write at hubpages - as their first foray into the post-print world!

Which Content Makes Money on HubPages?

A hub can be about anything you want it to be but the advice is it you want to make money on hubpages you need to choose topics which are:

Content That Solves A Problem

Although writing about Fluffy your new cute adorable kitten can be fun - you won't make much money from it. Write an article that talks about how to house train Fluffy and you may well be in the cash.

Timeless Content

Although I do quite well with seasonal hubs the best earners are the stuff that doesn't date - the timeless questions like: how to change a light bulb or how to clean house! There are no dates on hubs so I have hubs which make me money that I haven't edited for months.

Write Content That Is In Demand

Although writing about an obscure topic which you love may be satisfying it will rarely make you money. I love competitive ballroom dancing but its a very small market. Look for ideas about what is being talked about in terms of latest products and then create a more "timeless" version - the latest Barbie doll series maybe - but write about a number of the popular models in that enduringly-popular toy.

In Closing

Hubpages has become a very popular site. Google ranks hubs very well and the community is one of the strongest and most vibrant on the Internet. They must be doing something right!