Well another month has come to a close and another month of InfoBarrel earnings have accumulated. Last month I posted my first earnings report here on IB and I outlined how I transitioned from using InfoBarrel for a source of backlinks to a source of income. I made this switch in my philosophy somewhere around early to mid July 2010 and since that time my earnings have skyrocketed.


The link above will take you to my breakdown of my early days of earnings on InfoBarrel and will also show you my earnings trend over time including this month and future months as they are written. In summary however I will say I made around $10 on Info Barrel in June 2010 and three month later, in September 2010, I made $222.84 on InfoBarrel.


Additionally I took second place in the InfoBarrel September writing contest which bumped my total earnings for the month to $272.84.


To break it down into it's pieces I made from various sources on InfoBarrel


  • $191.22 on Adsense
  • $12.34 on Chitika
  • $19.28 on Amazon
  • $50.00 on IB contest winnings


Not counting the contest my residual income increased from $81.11 in August 2010 to $222.84 in September 2010, an increase of 175 percent month over month. My goal for the month was to achieve a 100 percent increase so I flew by that goal with ease.


My strategy for the month was simple. I wrote a lot of long articles (60 articles in total – most of which were 1000+ words) and each article linked heavily to other articles that I've published on InfoBarrel. Each article was based (for the most part) on a generic and boring product type and each product tended to have many different synonyms for the product and many adjectives that were required to describe the product. This helped achieve a lot of long-tail search traffic and helps a ton in pulling in targeted traffic.


I also added a lot of targeted Amazon links in my signatures which targeted some of the main keywords a person would be looking for when they landed on my articles. This helps generate clicks over to Amazon and since the keyword is so targeted to a buyer they are more likely to buy on Amazon. I only started adding Amazon to a few of my articles in August so September was my first month using this as a monetization technique on InfoBarrel.


This technique worked nicely I think and I can't wait to get my monthly Amazon affiliate tier up to 6.5 percent. Right now I'm on the 6 percent tier on Amazon and if I can double my Amazon sales then I can bump up to the 6.5 percent tier in Amazon which will increase my earnings there on average by about 8 percent per sale. For a bunch of sales combined this can be a good increase and nothing to snuff at. That will be a goal for the near future I think. Maybe by November I can be at that higher affiliate tier.


As for goals for the month of October I will continue adding some content to IB, most will be targeted to Amazon and similar types of generic and boring products as I want to get my Amazon affiliate share up to the next tier higher (6.5 percent). I will also be focusing on backlinking a lot of my posts from September which are already shaping up to be good earning articles.


My goal for October is to once again double my IB income which means my goal is to hit $445 on IB alone. I do make money elsewhere on blogs, HubPages, eHow, and other content sites but this goal is for IB only. It will take a lot of work but I'm up for the challenge and I think it's achievable.


I recommend you read my mega post on my InfoBarrel earnings experience which outlines every month I've been here in summary and if this post is an inspiration to you then I hope you'll join InfoBarrel and make a difference in your financial situation. It's not complicated but it is hard work but there are many helpful people in the forums, myself included, that will help you get up and running. Good luck!