Making Money Writing Articles or Blogs

Educational Media Yet an Extra Income

I've been on the web surface for years now but nothing like I am now.  It seems that the web has grown before my eyes.  However, I didn't grow until now.  You know how we often think that wish we knew what we know now way back then?  I often think, wow...if had known this a few years back, I may not have to work so hard just to take a friggin vacation.  Do you know what I mean?  I've been writing for fun since first grade.  Can you imagine how many articles I would have had written now?  Well, sweet dreams are made of a many different things.  I am delighted to see the opportunities on the internet.  I am trying to take advantage of all the good stuff all at once.  My husband thinks I'm crazy. 

I thought I would put all I had into it seriously while I was between nursing contracts.  I fell in love with designing websites all over again.  I learned the lingo of the trade.  I still have a lot of it to learn but if someone mentioned "html" or "plugin", I would actually know what they were talking about.  Even though internet marketing or article marketing is still a beast, I feel I've mastered enough of the trickery to have fun doing it versus becoming frustrated.  Speaking of frustration... OMGosh! that term should be patented to use only for websites and maintaining the things.  The term"trickery", the same.

I am frustrated as I am writing because when things should go a certain way, and they don't, it makes you angry and frustrated.  Alright, I've spent 10 hours on trying to fix the problem and still no desirable results have occurred, so frustrated I am.  It started with a plug in I purchased called the "Push Button Cash Site".  This mechanism launches articles for your sites.  Related articles of course, and it was wonderful for me for about 10 days.  Then it stopped.  I didn't have a limit or deadline.  I paid outright for the thing and now it isn't doing it's job.  I'm trying to decide how I'm going to handle this situation.  I've made sure that the problem wasn't on me end, but I need to double check.  Good product when it works just like everything else.

Google Analytics has driven me to the sidewalk of the nuthouse along with the PBCS.  I figured that Google has it so together that I'm not going to worry about their faults at this point.  Ezine Articles is a wonderful article pit or hub if you are a totally straight writer.  They have actually asked me to revise as many articles as they have approved, but I just started so it really isn't so bad.  I really like the short road avenues, like this one.  There's simply not much to do but write and everything else is done for you. 

Well, I've made a little money but not enough to retire or even take a trip down the road in my car.  The gas prices are still too high.  So either the gas price will have to go way down or I'm going to have to beef up my article marketing in all avenues to get enough money to drive to Memphis.