Making Money Online (28311)

Making money online is easy when you know how to. The internet is a gigantic source of information and people search for this information billions of times every day.

People make money online by providing the information for what people are searching for.

The search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing and thousands of others, index this information and depending on the relevance and a few other factors, can display this information as part of their search results.

The understanding is that if you can provide information on any search phrase people are typing into the search engines, your page with the relevant information may be shown to the person doing the search.

When this happens, your information receives free website traffic and there is money to be made.

Look at this 3 possible website visitor scenarios:

1. The person reading the page with your information may decide to close the page and search again if your content is not what he/she was looking for.

2. The visitor may read the information and if you mention that there is a related book, CD, DVD, e-book or other product that contains more information on the subject, he/she may actually buy that product. Normally you would either own the product, re-sell rights to the product or be affiliated to the product. There for a sale will result in either you getting all the income from the sale, or at least commission.

3. The visitor may read the information on the subject he/she searched for, see a relevant advert inside or along side the article, and click it to head over to someone else's website with more information. This action pays you a share of the advertisers bid/cost for that click.

To make money online would require you to

  1. Write an article,
  2. Add the links to related products that the visitor can buy (earning you a commission)
  3. Add blocks of advertising that will pay you when people click on it.

Writing articles is easy if you have a basic understanding of the English language. You can use free online tools to check your article for spelling and grammar mistakes if English is not your first language.

You do not need to write a book on the subject. An article of 400 to 500 words is considered more than sufficient to cover the subject of your article.

In order to optimise your article writing effort, it is better to write less articles and to focus on writing articles of better quality instead of writing hordes of 300 word articles on just the most basic introduction, some facts on the subject and a closing paragraph. Yes, it is that easy to write an article, but there are 5 basic tips you can follow to optimise your article writing.

  1. Learn to Write Quality Articles
  2. Write an Article with a Picture
  3. Include 2 Self-Serving Text Links.
  4. Use Keyword Research To Get Your Article Listed in the Search Engines
  5. Promote Your Article to Get it Listed in the Search Engines

Learning to write Quality Articles

If you do learn how to write proper articles it will be a huge investment for your online business. You may think that you do not need to consider an article course. There are article writing videos that will give you a better understanding and could actually persuade you to learn how to write an article that will stand out from the rest.

Writing an Article with a Picture

Most articles published have no picture in it. You do not have to add a picture in your article, but why would you not want to add value to your article by placing a picture into your article? A picture could make the difference when your article being featured on the main page of the publisher, or not. You can link your picture to the source where you obtained rights for the use of the picture by using one of your self-serving links, or by adding the URL in text by editing the picture itself.

Include Self Serving Text Links

I see lots of articles that are published without any self-serving links in them. The authors of those articles potentially lose out on an extra income stream. You are allowed to include 2 free self-serving links in every article you write. The words you link to the product does not have to be relevant but may help to promote the website you are linking to, as the links are dofollow. It is for your benefit if you have a website that pre-sell the product you mention, as your articles linking to this website should actually help that website to gain page rank.

Using Keyword Research To Get Your Article Ranked

Getting your article listed in the search engines will mean that when someone searches the internet for a keyword phrase you have used in your article, your article may be listed as a web page that may contain the information that person is searching for, and that person may click through to your article, possibly resulting in your article making money online.

Just like making money from your article is not a given, more likely your article will not be automatically listed in the search engines, unless:

  1. The search phrase you want your article ranked for, is listed in your article title.
  2. Other websites are linking to your article, preferably using the keyword phrase as the link text.
  3. The keyword or search phrase does not have a lot of competition, meaning other websites that also targets the same keyword phrase.

If for any or a combination of the reasons mentioned above, your article does not rank on the first page of the search engine results, there is something you can do to get it listed on the first page which will work in most cases, unless the keyword is extremely popular.

Automated Blog Posting

Just a few hundred people linking to your article, should normally be enough to get your article listed on page one of the search engine results, unless the competition for the keyword is extremely high.

Getting a 100 (or a 1000) blog owners to link to your article, is extremely difficult and time consuming - unless you make use of automated blog posting.

With automated blog posting you can set up an article to get 3 dofollow backlinks every time a blog owner publishes your article on his/her blog. The blog owner usually sets the acceptance of new articles related to their blog's niche, to be accepted on autopilot. This means that once you published your article, you can come back a week later and find anything from 15 to 150 publications, each with 3 dofollow backlinks!

A tip (worth hundreds of dollars) for getting back links from a wide variety of unique IP adresses all over the world, is to targets as wide an audience when you write the articles you publish this way. The wider the range of topics the more blogs will be linking to your article. The more links to your article the better it should rank for the keyword phrase you are targeting.

You should be making more money online if you follow these 5 guidelines when you write your next article.