Making Money Online-The Real Way

Wasting countless amounts of dollars and hours searching for an "easy way" to make money online definitely has its perks; finding out that there is no "easy way" to make money online is one of those perks. Some say that the only way to learn to do right is by doing wrong first. This is a true statement in my case because I had exhausted every paid survey subscription, subscribed to every envelope licking directory, and bought into every online scams promising fast money before realizing that the only way to make a significant amount of money online consistently was through hard work, dedication, and patience. Many people out there will even go as far as giving you a money back guarantee on their promise to give you the opportunity to make money online practically overnight; if you believe what they say, go ahead and try it, but when you're done trying them out be sure to revisit this article to learn the real ways to make money online. This article will give you various ways in which you can make money online; it will explain what they are, how you make money, and some examples of those websites. There are ways to make some money online through paid surveys, and online focus groups; however, these methods produce inconsistent income and are dependent upon others (ie. It is similar to having a boss). The methods listed below will produce consistent income, and have a working scheme that is similar to owning your own business (ie. You are your own boss). Before you read this article it is crucial for you to understand that making a significant amount of money online is going to take some time, a lot of effort, and even more perseverance; however, if you can come up with all of these qualities, and are motivated to succeed, you will have no problem making money online.

Below you will find a plethora of ways in which you can make money online. You can choose 1, 2, or all of the methods; it is entirely up to you. Just remember to stay motivated, keep your eye on the prize, and you will surely succeed in making money online.

Creating A Website Or Blog

Creating a website or blog can be a very lucrative thing to do if you have the ability to bring a lot of traffic to your domain. With a very small start-up cost, this can be the easiest business adventure that you start; hosting fees start as low as $7 per month at sites like Godaddy. One way to make money through this website or blog is through running advertisements on it; you can either sign up for a program like Google Adsense, or go directly to the advertisers and charge them for a space on your website. Another way to monetize your domain is to run affiliate marketing links throughout it. Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product or service for somebody else, and you get paid a certain percentage of the overall sale value. The final way to monetize your domain is through charging returning visitors for a subscription to the website. If you can offer the visitors something unique to your website, then you can charge them a fee to view or use it. With all of these methods to monetize your website or blog, the determining factor of how much money you will make is the amount of traffic that your website receives; and, in order to get consistent traffic you are going to have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to your domain, and have patience as it grows.

Submitting Articles To An Article Directory

If you are a writer, have a passion for writing, or simply know a lot about a subject matter, this could be your method for making money online. There are two ways in which you can make money through submitting articles to an article directory. The first way is through advertisements that are shown on the same page as your article; websites like eHow, ezinearticles, and InfoBarrel provide this method for you at no cost (the infobarrel link has my referral ID associated with it, if you would like to sign-up without the referral click here). The other way to monetize your articles is by submitting them to a Pay-Per-Write directory in which you get paid a set amount per article that you write; Associated Content offers this service and has one of the highest article payouts known online. The advertising method requires you to drive a lot of traffic to your articles in order to make a lot of money; whereas, the pay-per-write method requires your writing skills to be top notch. The choice is up to you as they are both very lucrative ways to make money online.

Submitting Photos To A Photo Directory

If you are a photographer, love taking photos, or simply have a few pictures that you think are great, then this is definitely the method for you. This method of making money online follows the same idea as the article directories listed above, but with a small twist. You make money every time that your photo is downloaded through the website. Shutter Stock is one of the most popular websites that offers this service. At the time of writing this the current payout was $0.20 per download; it may not seem like a lot at first glance, but when you have hundreds or thousands of photos being downloaded each day, it can add up. The goal of this method of making money online is not to drive traffic to your photos, but rather to take photos that are attractive, and of good quality; this way each person that comes across your photo will be interested in downloading it.

Each of these three methods offers a unique way of making money online; however, all of them have one common factor: they require hard work, dedication, and patience to begin making a significant amount of money online. It is highly unlikely that you will upload 10 photos or articles and begin making $50 per day online; however, if you have 1000 photos or articles, that daily amount seems a lot more likely. If you don't believe me at this point, go ahead and give those ``make money overnight`` promises a try; but when they do not adhere to their promises, be sure to come back and read this article once again so that you can be on your path to making money online...the real way!