Have you ever wished that your income would grow from month to month? Now it can when you learn how to make money the easy way online with residual income. The key is to work once and make money every month from your efforts for years there after. As your portfolio grows, so will your passive income from month to month.

I'm a writer and researcher by nature. I love to learn new things and am naturally inquisitive. Like so many others, I was laid off from my last job, and to be frank, after 6 months of looking decided that there was absolutely no way my industry would be rehiring any time soon.

I hated feeling like I had failed in my job search, so I tried harder and harder to get rehired just to prove the point. Finally, after 6 months I came to one startling truth, I did not really like my career anyway. I was bored, burnt out and never really that enthralled with my career path in the first place. With that shocking realization automatically came the next question: what would I do next if the choice was to either retrain or start over? I was stumped. I had never asked, or allowed myself to even consider the option. I went to college, trained, had a good job, and a relatively high income, what else was there anyway? I wasn't unhappy, I just was not happy or fulfilled with my work.

In utter frustration one day, after sending out what felt like my 5000th resume that month I can remember thinking that "if I had a dollar a month for every resume I'd sent out this last six months, I'd have a great residual income going after these." The light bulb came on at that very moment.

Residual income, maybe I was onto something there. In my musings I wondered if passive income and residual income online was really possible to achieve. After all, the impossible dream of having no boss and working at home in my robe and fuzzy slippers sounded appealing, as did the possibility that every month my earnings would get higher. It should be simple if I was really ready to work and not goof off right? Well, it seemed possible to me that with a big enough portfolios that making money with passive or residual income was indeed an option. From there my mind wandered to the possibility that with a huge portfolio, over the next 5 years or so that I could take time off to travel or use that passive income as part of an early retirement much sooner than I had originally planned. If you are going to dream, make those dreams worth your time. Being able to be financially secure enough to be able to take large chunks of time off to either travel or do with what I pleased had both its merits and motivations. From there on out, my mind could not let go of the intriguing possibilities of a freer lifestyle.

I figured that if I was going to make money working from home on my computer, I would need a lot of work in my portfolio to make a steady income possible. And, as you may have already guessed I was right on this count, even more than I knew at the time. It takes a lot more work than people tell you to make extra money at home, much less be a stay at home parent with a full time online income. WAHM's making money online is not a fantasy, but it does require working a whole lot more than anyone would ever tell you before you start.

Ways to Make Money Online From Home with Passive Residual Income Writing

After all I have learned about writing to make money online, I have to share one little secret with you, my apologies to the professional writers out there. You do not need to be a pro to do this and make a comfortable living online. Good writing skills, and grammar with solid ideas are a must, but the skill of a pro is not.

Truly, I am telling you the honest low down on what it takes to make solid income writing online, it's all about good content and lots of volume with the consistency to make your self write each and everyday while you keep your eye on your longer term goals. The quality of your content will improve greatly as you write and much more quickly that you would imagine when you write your first article.

What are the options for making money online from home with freelance writing? Well there are many options and here are just a few:

You can write and post articles on the Adsense revenue sharing sites. Starting with Adsense revenue sharing sites is a great way to get started because they are free and give you a leg up in how quickly your pages will get search engine traffic. Adsense is the both the biggest and the best advertising program to make money online, bar none. They have a gigantic advertiser base and their payment to you is easily among the highest in the industry. Using Adsense revenue sharing sites gives you the power of a bigger site to host your content on for no money and the ability to access the best ad network on the Internet. My favorite Adsense revenue sharing site is Info Barrel. Why? Simple, they run contests every month that will allow you to get a 90% revenue share if you meet the minimum writing requirements for the month. Most other sites range from 50-60% revenue share for you every month or less. Info Barrel is a really good deal for just getting started. They also offer friendly support and a simple to use interface.

You can also do free lance article writing if your writing skills are good enough. There are companies out there that contract with those needing content written and then give the writer a portion of the fee charged. Honestly though, I have tried these and now only use them once in awhile if I need to make a few extra dollars quickly. You can make more writing your own content for your portfolio and these services will not make you passive income you will need in order to take your income to a much higher level. I do write occasionally for a few bloggers I know who need content just to have a safe level of income as my passive income stream portfolio grows. It is simply good insurance to be certain that you have some income you can count on in the beginning when you are building your portfolio. I do a little of both to be certain my bills get paid, although I will likely drop the extra writing shortly to work on my own projects exclusively.

A third alternative for making money online with writing from home is to branch out into writing your own blog. The process is a little bit more involved than just writing articles, although there are free blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, and LiveJournal where you can get started without any money upfront. If you are considering blogging either for extra money or as a full time income, I would strongly suggest that you take the time to learn about search engine optimization and Adsense before you start your blog. Getting some basic skills first will help you to increase your income dramatically. In fact it will help you wherever your content is published.

That's about it, if you want to make money online with passive residual income I can tell you from experience that it is a lot of work. However, that said, I will never, ever in a million years trade the possibility that I could make a lot more money for my efforts than I could have with my old job. Retiring young to travel the world with a passive residual income higher than I would have imagined is more than I could have conceived of the day I got handed my pink slip. Give Info Barrel a shot and see what I mean!