If you are finding yourself in a position where you need to make money online to support yourself, then I am happy to announce that making money online with Ebay really is a viable option.

How do I know this? I have dabbled with Ebay for extra income over the last 10 years both as a seller and affiliate of their program. I never chose to build my hobby into fulltime income because I had a good job with an even better fulltime income which kept me limited in my time and efforts. What I can tell you is that in the course of my time there I personally knew of many who were making six figure incomes without investing fulltime effort once they go the system down to a science.

Am I saying that making money, especially a fulltime income on Ebay is easy? Most decidedly not, any business takes fulltime effort and then some especially when you are on the steep end of the learning curve. Once you master the platform the profits generally come faster and easier than in the early stages. Learning Ebay is no different, although there are plenty of people who will answer your questions to help you get started.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two ways to make money on Ebay, but actually there are really four main options, with many more varaiations.

Making Money on Ebay as a Seller or Powerseller

The most familiar way to make money on Ebay is as a seller or Powerseller, although it is not your only option as you will soon learn. Most people get started selling things they already have around the house and are not using. Anything your auction sells for is pure profit less the listing and closing fees your auctions incur. Once you run out of things to sell, you will need to do a couple of things to be successful selling on Ebay.

The first and most important decision you will make is what to sell. You need to find a niche or unique selling position that has an item with three qualities: a market for the product, a low cost with a high selling price, and relatively low to moderate competition. Here's why all three are important. You need to have a steady stream of buyers for your product in order to make the cost of listing your products worth your time. The fees you pay to list your auction items add up in a hurry and you will want to make sure that your items are selling though in order to minimize the expense of your listings.

Second, due to the cost of listing you will need to find an item with a relatively good profit margin. Low profit items like music and movies mean you need to do a tremendous volume to make much money. Packaging and shipping in volume is a big headache, trust me on this I have been there and it gets old really fast. There is a difference between hard work and working yourself to death. Work smarter and more efficiently as you build your Ebay business.

Third, selling on Ebay is really competitive and price wars are commonplace. Do not get caught up in taking less for your items. You do not want to end up working for nothing and it does happen, or worse still losing money in order to make a sale. Niches with lower to moderate demand mean two things. The most important is that there is less competition and that prices are less likely to get pushed down. The other main thing is that you know there is at least some interest in the product or else nobody would be wasting their time on selling it in the first place.

Once you have found a good product to sell, be sure to have an exceptionally reliable supplier to avoid huge headaches down the road and keep your ratings high. You will not make any money at all without a good reputation in the community.

Finally, repeat the process. You will want to diversify your product line in order to build safety into your online businesses income. I can not stress this point strongly enough. Do not put all your online income eggs in one basket. Put one egg in each basket for safety.

Making Money as an Ebay Affiliate

I have also been an Ebay affiliate in the course of my part time hobby adventures. I will tell you that hands down Ebay affiliates make good to outrageous income online, especially during the holidays. Although it is not as easy as people think to get started and requires hundreds of hours of work to create enough websites and landing pages to produce a solid fulltime income.

In order to be successful as an Ebay affiliate you will need some specialized knowledge of how search engine optimization works. Being an affiliate for Ebay requires understanding how to drive lots of targeted search engine traffic to Ebay for a share of the revenues your traffic generates. Be prepared to write hundreds, if not thousands of articles a year in order to get that traffic to either a blog or website that you have the skills to maintain on your own. Once you have accomplished all of these skills with one blog or site, you will need to repeat the process many times over to build both a solid and safe income online.

The reality is that there is a phenomenal amount of money to be made marketing online, not just as an Ebay Partner Network Associate, but elsewhere. Be prepared also for a longer learning curve to get there and more work and competition that anyone warns you about. The path is not as easy as they tell you, but the rewards can be enormous and worth the time to learn.

Making Money as and Ebay Seller and Affiliate

The third way to make money on Ebay is as both a seller and Ebay Partner Network Affiliate. Ebay allows their sellers to also promote their own auctions as an affiliate member. This is a really exceptional opportunity to promote not only your own actions to reduce your fees, but also your competitors' auctions to be certain you get a part of their sales revenues.

What could be better than losing an auction to a rival listing, but getting more than your listing fees back in commissions? Serious sellers with a good handle on their niche should not overlook this exceptional opportunity for additional profits.

Making Money Supporting Ebay Businesses

The final way to make money online with Ebay is supporting other Ebay sellers or businesses. I do this now as a free lancer. I often do freelance work for SEO and the writing services for Ebay Powersellers. Ebay Powersellers generally have listings that range in the thousands and are too busy to do the more mundane tasks their businesses require on their own. If your writing and secretarial skills are good to exceptional, and you can work reliably on tight deadlines, this may be the best no cost opportunity for you to make money online with Ebay.

Making money online with Ebay is easy, although not without a fair share of work. You only need to decide which option best suits your individual personality, needs and skill set to start making money working at home with Ebay.