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Making Money Online With Info Barrel

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I am fairly new to the online writing scene. I've been at this for a little less than a year. I found Info Barrel when I decided to spread my wings a little, and write for several revenue sharing sites. I've had some success with making money online with other sites, but decided it was best to diversify a bit. I opened an account several months ago, and have fallen in love with this site.

I'm making money online with Info Barrel without too much trouble. If find that I can expect to earn about a buck and a half, per article, per month on the average. I write several articles with SEO in mind, but I also write a lot just for fun, without spending too much time trying to get top search engine rank. I would guess half of my articles fall into each category. If I wrote all of them with SEO in mind, there's no telling how much more money I could make online each month with Info Barrel.

Making money online with Info Barrel is the right choice for many online authors. The site is still young, only a year and a half old at the time this writing, but showing unparalleled growth. There are so many reasons you should try to make money online with Info Barrel. I would like to offer you some things to consider when you compare this revenue sharing site with others.


You will get big cut of the Google Adsense profits with Info Barrel. While other sites try to hide behind a "secret algorithm", this site believes in transparency. You, the author are guaranteed 75% of the Adsense impressions with each article. Other sites will offer you 50% or 60%, if you are lucky. When you make money online with Info Barrel, you get a minimum of 75%, so you earn more.

What do the other sites you write for pay? Chances are they pale in comparison to Info Barrel. This is just one of the many reasons Info Barrel is among the best places to make money online writing articles. This is really a great place for new writers, or experienced writers, looking to diversify their online money making options. If you fall into either category, you should sign up for an Info Barrel account, free of charge, and write an article or two and see what happens. Chances are you will be making money online in no time.


You'll find a new contest each and every month on Info Barrel. Not only can you win great prizes, like Amazon gift cards, while you make money online, but you can also increase your cut of the Adsense impressions to 90%. This means more cash in your pocket when you make money online with Info Barrel. I have been fortunate enough to win a few contests. So, I've increased my revenue, received hundreds of dollars worth of Amazon cards, and established at least some form of credibility on the site. I know this is a great place to make money online writing articles.

To earn the 90% share, you will need to earn a certain number of points. So far, most contests have required 30 points to achieve the top share of 90%. Longer articles are given more points. Articles over one thousand words are typically awarded five points. This means you can simply write six articles, one thousand words or longer, and earn 90% of the Adsense impressions. As you can see, it's a great way to make more money online. The contests provide an excellent opportunity for writers to earn more each and every month.


Many revenue sharing sites have the same philosophy about customer service.they refuse to provide any. Info Barrel is different. You will find that emails are given prompt response, in a friendly and courteous manner. This helps to make Info Barrel one of the best places to make money online.

Here's a challenge for you to take: Send Info Barrel and email using the "contact us" button at the bottom of the screen. Now, send a similar question to any other revenue sharing sites you use to make money online, and see which site responds more quickly, professionally, and completely. I know you will fall in love with the customer service at Info Barrel, and use it to make money online.


Info Barrel is just under 16k on Alexa, as of the time of this writing. About 40 days ago, the site had an Alexa score of just over 18k. This means the site jumped two thousand spots in a little over a month. As the site continues to grow, the authors will see their articles rise through the search engine results. This means the authors make even more money online with Info Barrel.

How long will it take for the site to hit 10k? How long will it take to hit 5k? There really is no way to tell, but if past and current performance is any sort of indicator, it won't take too long. This makes writing on Info Barrel one of the best places to make money online.


There are more ways to make money online with Info Barrel. You can use affiliate sales to really boost your earnings. In addition, you can sign up for a Chitika account, which means more earning power for your articles. You can even provide links to other articles you have written, so you can earn more money. In addition you can earn more money with referrals.

It's pretty obvious I love Info Barrel for making money online. I truly feel the site is destined for great things. I believe it will give sites like Xomba a real run for their money within a year, or a little less. After that, eHow and Hub Pages will be in sight. It will take time, but as the site's Alexa ranking improves, authors will earn more and more money online writing for Info Barrel. Give it a try. You may end up hooked like me.



Nov 8, 2009 8:43pm
This just further reinforces how much I'm glad that you've chosen to co-write Info Barrel's very first eBook with me, Jason!
Nov 8, 2009 10:43pm
I have no where near your amount of content up yet but I agree that $1.50/month per article is a reasonable figure. After a few hundred articles that really starts to add up. Of course, the more you write (as you have), the better you'll become at picking good topics that allow you to make money online with Infobarrel.
Nov 8, 2009 11:24pm
You can make really good money here. I took my articles written for fun only into account, which roughly half of my library. These articles don't make nearly as much.

I have several that make over $20 each month, some over $10, and a bunch in buck or two range. I really wonder what my average would be if I wrote all of them with money in mind.

As the site grows, all authors will make more money. The site will gain favor with Google, and articles will get better ranking.

Big things are coming with this site!!!!!
Nov 8, 2009 10:48pm

The thing about Info Barrel is.....they are a fairly newcomer to the 'article-submission/revenue-sharing' scene....which means that, in order to succeed, they HAVE to have a business model that addresses the shortcomings of 'similar' websites. Based on much experience, Info Barrel simply does MANY things better....from their outstanding customer service, to their very generous revenue share, they are really poised to be a formidable opponent in this industry...

As they gain favor and authority in the search engines, you'll find that the time you invest in writing articles now.....will actually gain ALOT of traffic, in the long run, and, of course, more earning potential.
Nov 8, 2009 10:53pm
Everyone who reads this article...should also check out THESE stats:


Nov 8, 2009 11:41pm
I have found some of my articles to rank really fast in Google. Google places a lot of trust in Infobarrel. Most of the articles here are much better quality than other sites, which is also a plus.
Nov 8, 2009 11:44pm
You are completely right, retireyoung. I've found many of my articles indexed by Google in twenty minutes or less. (And I thought Domino's Pizza was fast)

This is a great sign of big things to come for the authors of Info Barrel.
Nov 9, 2009 12:32am
Yeah, I do prefer Infobarrel over Hubpages and Squidoo. A smaller community of active contributers means we can all get to know each other more easily. I agree that the Infobarrel revenue share is great. How do you find your CTR? Hubpages seems to give a better rate but as we all seem to agree on, I just prefer the Infobarrel platform.
Nov 9, 2009 1:12am
I actually consider this somewhat 'getting in on the ground floor' with Info Barrel....it is good to develop a decent repertoire of Info Barrel articles, at least before it REALLY starts to gain rank in the search engines....pretty soon, we'll ride the wave with Info Barrel....increasing traffic and views to our articles....it's a much better investment, in the long run, in my honest opinion...
Nov 9, 2009 1:19am
I am writing for associated content from last 1 year and for infobarrel from last few days. Now with infobarrel i have chitika account but yet couldnot be able to earn a penny. Please tell where i am lacking?
Nov 9, 2009 6:52am
maxbotanic, earning for Info Barrel may seem tedious at first....remember, they do currently have a lesser ranking in search engines, as compared to similar websites, however, I think one of the points that jcmayer777 was trying to get at was that....Info Barrel is REALLY a great investment of a writer's time become of the predicted longterm viability of their website and company.......it really has done MANY things right that poise it to be a formidable competitor with much higher ranking websites....

If you following their Alexa/Quantcast trending, you will see strong evidencve that they will become a powerhouse in this industry. As they gain authority in search engines, you will find yourself gradually earning more money and gaining ALOT more traffic.
Nov 20, 2009 12:52pm
Jason- I was reading an article you wrote recently and it had a snapshot of your adsense account. I cant find it now but anyways I had a question about how you did that. I really hope you can help me. I linked my adsense account to my analytics account a few days ago. On my analytics account it says it's tracking my adsense but my totals are not showing up there, I can only see them on adsense. I want to be able to see which articles are generating income, I'm assuming you took the snapshot from analytics? Am I doing something wrong! Any help would be appreciated. I've been researching the problem for over an hour and am going crazy, I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong! Thanks so much! ~Emily
Nov 20, 2009 1:49pm
Did you create channels on Adsense? The snapshot was of my top channels for one day in the adsense account.

If you don't have channels:
1. Log on to adsense, hit the "Adsense setup" tab.
2. Select channels - just under the "my account" tab
3.in light blue writing, you will see "url channels." USe this , not the custom channels option.
4. Now just below that, you will see "add url channels" Select that.
5. copy &paste url in box, but then delete http//www. that shows up in the beginning of the url's. For example, this page would be: infobarrel.com/Making_Money_Online_With_Info_Barrel
6. Add any and all article url's that you want to track. Be sure to start each one on a new line.

It will begin tracking each article that you create a channel for almost immediately, but it won't give you any past data. The next day, when you check your adsense earnings, hit "top channels" in blue. It's right on the first page when you log on. This will show you which earned the most for the day you have selected.

It will take a few days to find out for sure which ones are earning, since there's a lot of up and down days with adsense.

I'm guessing the articles that are making good money for you are the 50 ways to be romantic, and the 100 stocking stuffer articles. Just a hunch.

If this doesn't help, or not what you meant, just reply to the comment. I'll try to get back on tonight to help out.
Nov 20, 2009 2:18pm
Wow! So it has nothing to do with analytics ! Great, i'll do this. Thank you so, so much!
Nov 20, 2009 2:43pm
Those articles, 50 ways to be romantic and 100 stocking stuffers, are my top on analytics page views which is different than here, how did you know that? :)
May 10, 2010 11:03pm
It's crazy if after reading all of this you don't sign up for info barrel. Just saying. People!!! you want to make money? Sign up!
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