Have you ever been reading a book by your favorite author and wished you could make some of the money that they're making? It's not impossible. You can get in on some of the money generated from their books by blogging on the coat tails of their success.

Things You Will Need

You will need a copy of your favorite author's most recent book and you will need computer access.

Step 1

Go to Amazon.com and sign up for their affilitate's program. Look for your favorite author's most recent book and be sure that you have read a copy of it. If not, buy a copy.

Step 2

Write down your impressions of the book. Remember when you wrote book reports in school? That's sort of what you're writing but not exactly. It's more like what you'd find on the dust jacket of the book but don't copy what is written on the dust jacket of the book instead, write the information in your own words. Also write your personal impressions of the book.

Step 3

Begin a blog specifically about this author. A good blogging site for this kind of blog is Blogger. Be sure to monetize your blog. Put the widget from Amazon.com onto your blog and then add your description. Make sure your description makes your reader want to buy the book from you right now. Write a second blog as a biography of your author. Include if possible a copy of your authors photo but make sure that you have permission to use the photo before you include it.

Step 4

Now you want to get traffic to your site. Put your information on social websites such as twitter and facebook. You can also advertise your site for free. One free ad site is oodle.com but there are others. You can also write reviews on various places on the web and always be sure to back link to your author blog.
One of the advantages of writing about a specific author is that you can add new blogs each time a new book comes out. You can follow your author on his or her own website and add your own personal insight onto your own blog over time. As you gain in reputation as an expert on this author on the internet, you never know when the the book's publisher or author himself might come to you and ask you to read and review his latest creation that hasn't even hit the markets yet.

Tips & Warnings