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      Today their are hundreds of ways to make money online.  One of my personal favorites is reviewing music. I love listening to new music and rating this music. The best place to do this is This site allows users to review music and get paid for doing reviewing it. I have used slicethepie for about a year now and have made over 20 dollars using the site. There are 3 ways to make money using

  1. Be a scout and get paid to listen to music.
  2. Be an investor and sponsor bands.
  3. Be in or run a band and get sponsored. Then use the money to make more money by securing gigs.

Below I will go into detail on all 3 of these money making opportunity.


         This is the main focus of this article hence the name "Making money reviewing music" On you can review music and make money doing that.Currently that is the only main way to make money on the site. there are no affiliate programs or special deals all you can do is scout and lend/receive money of course. 

       When you start as a scout you have 1 star which means you earn 8 cents a review. As you continue on your scouting career you will get more stars and will make more money per review. I currently have 4 stars and make 15 cents a review. Heres how you review music. First you listen to the piece of music for 60 seconds then you rate the music from 1-10 on on a scale finally you write a 2+ sentence review about the piece. These 2 minimum sentences are meant to have constructive criticism. You have to say what was good and bad about the piece of music. For example for a piece of music that I gave a 6 stars I might write

"The song was pretty good. The acoustics were strong but not as distinctive as I would have liked. I did not like the lead singer her vocals were a bit scratchy. The beat was great though."

         This review is short but to the point.  In my review I explained what was good and bad about the piece of music. Don't be afraid to tell the truth. I have given some 1s and 2s before when the piece of music was really bad. On average It takes me about 2-4 minutes to finish reviewing one piece of music. In an hour I usually make about 2-5 dollars depending on my pace and focus. Try to make long and detailed reviews in the beginning so you can get more stars and get paid more per piece of music.  In conclusion making money by being a scout on slicethepie is not hard and the pay is not that bad for online income.  For me when I am scouting it is more about finding new music that I like. I love to listen to new music and slicethepie is a great way to do that.



Slicethepie is a relatively new site so there are not a ton of artists but their are enough to make money. You can start by investing in an artist. Listen to their tracks and decide which one to invest in. Once you decide chose how much money you want to invest. If you are not sure about a group then just invest 5 dollars. If you want to get in with big money you can make an 150 dollar contribution and get a lot of benefits. I have invested in 3 artists and although non of them have given me money yet I have received some great bonuses. Investing in music artists is a very risky thing to do.  8 out of 10 times the band you select will not turn a profit. There might be that one band though that hits it big and that is what you are waiting for. In conclusion investing in slicethepie artists is a big risk but it is one that offers great returns.



 If you are apart of a band then you can submit your bands music to When you join the site as an artist people can scout you and listen to your music and give you great feedback. You can also raise money for your band. Some people have raised over 20,000 dollars on slicethepie and have even gotten their own recording contract. This can offer a great opportunity for musicians. Once a year slicethepie has a showcase and only a handful of the musicians get in. To get in the showcase you have to have been rated very well by scouts. Once you get in the showcase you perform on a stage and thousands of people can listen to you. Some bands have had great opportunity from the showcase.