Not many people realise that fundraising for schools can be very lucrative for some companies. Why? Becuase the schools normally purchase any items they need for the fundraising in large quantities. A discount will be applied by the company allowing the school to purchase in bulk. Fundraising for schools is becoming more central as many schools purchase new equipment and fund trips this way.

Due to this schools are always searching for new fundraising ideas. Schools have to be innovative and imaginative in order to create new ways to raise money without creating repetion in ideas, otherwise efforts and funds will dip.Every time of year prompts new fundraising and some events are easier to plan and formulate than others.
Halloween is a great example. Ideas can include a haunted house theme or fancy dress ball.The problem with these events is that they need many volunteers and are best for either high schools or middle schools. At an elementary school a halloween party is probably a better idea with party games and prizes.
Regularly fundraising can involve selling items that have been bought or donated. Easter is always a great time for selling easter eggs. Instead of having loads of chocolate left over it is often best to take orders first. If the chocolate has come from a company a discount will normally be applied once a specified amount has been purchased. The company can also give prizes as donations or award a prize to the individual who does/sells most.

A very popular fundraising idea is the read-athon as this promotes reading as well as raising funds. With this idea students can compete with other classes and really get into the fun side of the event. The principal can offer to complete a forfeit to the winning classe such as shaving his beard/moustache or coming to school in pyjamas etc for the day.
These are just a few ideas within a very competitive field. If you combine the right idea with the right company then you will be ahead of the other schools already!