iPad(128658)Social Networks are great for doing many things.  Did you know you can make money by using your Facebook account?  There are many ways to make money using Facebook.

Create Campaigns on Facebook

You can make money on Facebook by creating campaigns.  This is very easy to do and is beneficial to make money using Facebook.  You can create a campaign, which will create an ad you can make money on Facebook.  Simply type in your business name, type in your audience, the age group, etc.  This will get the audience that you want.  You can reach more people by making increasing the age category, and making the demographics more general.  You can pay per click or for impressions for your business with the campaigns on Facebook.

Make Money Using Apps on Facebook

Garage Sale

There’s an application on Facebook called Garage Sale where you can make money on Facebook by selling your items you have for sale.  You have a pretty big audience of people who can view your items for sale.  There are many sites like Garage Sale, however Garage Sale is the most popular app.  You most likely have things sitting around in your house that you want to get rid of.  Right now is the best opportunity to do so.

My Merch Store

If you have a Zazzle store, you will want to make a Merch store as well.  You can customize and design your products to sell simply by using these apps.


If you are musically gifted, you may want to try out an app called Flametunes.  With this Facebook app, you can upload your own unique music and sell your tracks that you have created.  What is a better way to gain popularity than this.

Make Your Own Apps

If using these apps just aren’t fun enough for you, be creative and make your own apps.  When you make your own apps on Facebook you get a percentage of what Facebook makes.  This is a lot of fun for people who know how to develop apps.  Not only are they making money from it, but they are doing something that they love to do.

Advertise Your Business on Facebook

If you run a business of selling products or getting referrals, Facebook is a great social network to advertise on.  If you have a large number of friends, you will have a large audience.  Even if you don’t have many friends, there are still plenty of groups and pages on Facebook where you can advertise your business.  There are so many opportunities to be shared by advertising your business on Facebook.

It is possible to make a decent amount of money using Facebook.  If you use all of these suggestions, you can definitely benefit greatly from your effort.  Many people simply think that Facebook is only for communicating with their friends and family and sharing pictures.  There are new windows that can be opened once you are aware that there is money to be made on Facebook.