So if you came to this article the thought may cross your mind why am I here? I am sharing my ideas

on ways you can make money online or offline. I have found in the past two years that there are so

many ways to earn or make money. First off let me share one site with you that maybe you have never

heard of. It is called craigslist. This site has many options and at first may be overwhelming to a new

user. What craiglist is basically is like an online bulletin board. It is free to post almost anywhere on

the site and you can hire someone for a job, sell something, buy something, you name it you can

do it. I for one have realized that since my boyfriend became unemployed I knew we needed to find

as many ways as we could to make money. First thing we did is sell everything we had in the house that

we did not need. I am by no means stating you should sell the whole house, but you could. But sell items

you do not need. Old clothes, stereos, whatever is making your house cluttered. This will bring in some

money and also make you feel better because keeping a bunch of junk is really not worth you having

no money. Also check out the gigs section you could find a gig I would think maybe everyday in a big

city that you could do to earn money. A lot of times you would be paid cash which is another plus in

my book. Also keep this in mind with craigslist, people will barter on there as well. Maybe you want

a nice TV but do not have the money for it. If you have a cell phone that is barely used and is worth

something you maybe could get that new TV you want for a fraction of the cost. So enough about

craigslist I am sure you want to know some more ways to make quick money right?

Here are some more ideas. Look at what you like to do? Could you make that a job? Maybe you like

to drive? Offer driving people to their appointments this could earn you some extra money. Do you

love animals? If so start a pet walking business or pet sitting business. Anything you have as a skill

could bring you in money. What about improving your skills? Maybe college could be an option as

well. Sit down and think about everything you have as skills and what you like and dislike. Most

of us never do this. I say this if you fail at something never give up, what you want could be right

around the corner. Thanks for reading my article take care as always.