Making money with Adsense is still a secret. Ask members of your family and ask your friends. Ask them what Adsense is, and see their faces frown as if you are from another planet.

It is now easy and free to setup everything you need to start earning money online. You don't have to setup a website anymore. Having a website does show a level of professionalism and you can also create an equally personalized and professional email address - especially if you have registered a .com domain name. But from there on you will also need to host your domain name which although it differs a lot, averages about $5 per month per website. The thing is, for you to create a professional online profile page, you only need business card hosting. Business card hosting is cheap (less than $2 per month if you buy a yearly package), and you can always upgrade later.Make Money With Adsense (21660) An alternative would be to ask a cheap web hosting and design company to create a .com profile website for you. Making money with Adsense does not require having your own domain name and hosting your Adsense business profile that way. If you have a short domain name linking to your Adsense business it does make it extremely easy to tell your friends and family about your Adsense business, especially if sharing the link may increase your online income.

InfoBarrel made it easy for everyone to start making money with Adsense. Once you registered, write an article and get it published first. Write about anything you like but focus your article writing effort so that at the end you have helped the reader find help information. If your article do not help the reader it will not be socially bookmarked, not get much web site traffic and it will certainly not be generating you an Adsense income. You can use long tail keyword tools to find what people are searching for; or you can use the search suggestions you get when you start typing your search phrase into some search engines. There are many more ways to get an idea of what you can write about, but let's stick to these two.

Write an article of preferably more than 400 words. You can add an image. Make sure that the images you upload are your own. You can buy pictures with publishing rights for around a dollar each. You can even upload videos. Click Preview and preview your article, read through the article to see if you can spot any spelling or grammar mistakes. If you find any, click Edit and correct them. Preview the article again and if it looks readable, click Publish. Just wait for your article to be reviewed and it will show up on your profile page, under the My Content tab.

With your first article published, you can go ahead and apply for an Adsense Publisher ID. When you have you Adsense publisher ID, click on My Account and update the settings of your Google Adsense Publisher's ID by clicking change next to it.