Google Adsense has made it easy for the regular guy to make great money. You no longer need to own a major media company in order to get sponsors. If all you have is a blog with some posts and a little bit of traffic then you can implement Google Adsense into your blog or other internet based website and make money.

Google Adsense, for those who have never used it, are those ads that appear on the right side of the Google results as well as on other websites. The great thing about Google Adsense is that the ads are usually targeted automatically towards your content.

If you have a website about race cars and your ads are for bicycles then generally your readers will not be interested in the Ads. If you implement Google Adsense and have articles about race cars then your ads will be of interest to the readers. The ads may be for NASCAR merchandise, accessories for race car drivers and anything else related to race cars. When a reader finds Man Writing By Oceanyour site through A search engine search and are interested in the content they are more apt to click on an ad if it is related to their interests. In this case their interests would be race cars.

By having Ads that are targeted to wards the readers interests you will receive many more clicks on the ads. By using Google Adsense you will get a portion of each click that you receive on your content. The value of each click can vary. Generally you should expect between 20 cents and 80 cents for most clicks. Each keyword has different values. I personally have received a few clicks that were over $8.00. The website where I received that click normally had clicks valued between .50 cents and .75 cents but periodically I would get a big click that was worth $4.00 or more.

One of the most popular ways for someone to get involved in using Google Adsense to earn money is by starting a blog. You can easily use a free blog service such as Blogger to start your own blog and then add Google Adsense ads. The more content and the more traffic you have the more money you will make. Generally you should expect to earn around $9.00-$10.00 for every thousand page views on your content.

As popular as starting a blog is there are a few downsides. One of the biggest downsides to starting a blog to earn money is the lack of traffic. Many people believe that "If You Build It They Will Come". This is only true if you have adult content pictures on your website and Google Adsense does not allow for you to use Adsense on websites where there is adult oriented content.

A great alternative to starting your own blog is to use one of the many websites that are involved in "rev share". You produce content and the website hosts it for you. The revenue is then split between you and the website. You may bethinking "If I have to share my revenue why don't I just start my own blog where I get ALL of the Adsense revenue?". That is a great question.

The reason I recommend a quality rev share site such as InfoBarrel is because most people will make a lot more money by posting their content on InfoBarrel. Even with the rev share split. InfoBarrel gets MUCH more traffic then a new blog will get. The Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank for InfoBarrel means your articles you publish on InfoBarrel will get indexed by Google faster and generally much higher.

InfoBarrel has a base rate of 75%. This means that when you start writing articles for InfoBarrel your Adsense ads on YOUR articles will appear 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time InfoBarrels Adsense ads will be displayed. A 75/25 split in your favor is an awesome benefit for you. The amount of traffic you can get by using InfoBarrel over a personal blog will make the 25% Infobarrel receives well worth it to you. 75% of the time when someone clicks an ad on one of your articles you will receive the full value of that click. The amount you earn will begin to add up rapidly once you get a huge folio of articles published. Another great benefit is that this income is residual. If you write 400 articles and then NEVER write another article you will continue to make money month after month for the rest of your life.

Now for some more exciting news. That 75/25 split with InfoBarrel I mentioned is the base rate. Each month InfoBarrel has monthly incentives where you can earn a higher share of the Adsense impressions for the following month. To earn these extra incentives all you have to do is write new articles to qualify. Last month I easily earned all of the bonuses available and qualified for 91/9. This month I am receiving 91% of all the Adsense impressions this month on the articles I have wrote for InfoBarrel.

If you are not currently signed up with InfoBarrel you can sign up here for InfoBarrel. If you sign up for InfoBarrel under me I will receive a bonus and it does not change the amount you earn at all. If you want to sign up for InfoBarrel without using my referral link you can sign up here. If you sign up under me I will support you in any way I can including adding all of the articles you write for InfoBarrel on to my Twitter account so you can receive even more traffic.

After you sign up for InfoBarrel then you need to sign up for Adsense. After you sign up for Adsense you can then sign up for Chitika. Chitika is an extra revenue source that you earn from on InfoBarrel. You will not make as much with Chitika as you will with Adsense revenue but it's a nice little bonus on top of you Adsense earnings.

There are many ways to make money with Google Adsense but using InfoBarrel is one of the best ways for people to earn great money on the Internet.

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