Infobarrel is a great revenue sharing site. For free you can join Infobarrel and start posting articles. You can earn money through google adsense, amazon affiliates,Chitika ads and much much more.  In this article I will go over the basics on how to make money with Infobarrel.


If you have not already joined Infobarrel do so here.  Writing for Infobarrel is easy. All you have to do is find a topic write a 400+ word article on the topic. Add videos,links and anything else that is helpful and then submit it to Infobarrel. Within a few days you should get your reply to see if your article was published.

     On Inforbarrel the content published has to meet some standards. The basic standards are that the article...


  • Must have proper grammar and punctuation


  • Cannot be keyword stuffed( The article cannot have a high percentage of a certain keyword)


  • Must be in correct tense


  • Has to tell the reader something.


  • Must be at least 400 words long
  • Cannot contain  inappropriate content

 If your article passes these standards then it will most likely get posted on the Inforbarrel site. As of right now I have over 25 articles posted on Infobarrel and every single one of them meets these requirements.


When you write an article and get it published on Infobarrel you have the ability to have ads on you articles page. You can have google adsense ads. (Infobarrel will take 15% of the google adsense ad revenue),Chitika ads and amazon affiliate ads. All these types of ads can earn you money.  How? Use this page as an example. On this page there are google adsense and Amazon affiliates ads.  The google adsense ads are all over the place and the amazon affiliates ad are at the near bottom right hand corner of the page. If you click on a google adsense ad I will earn money.( About 1-90 cents) If you click on an amazon ad and then buy a book I get a percentage of the sale of the book. Around 5-10 percent.  On this article alone I might make 35 dollars for every 1,000 people who view this article.  I make all of this money from advertising. On infobarrel when you sign up and make an article you to will have the opportunity to make money.

How to Earn Money

Here how you earn money by advertising. Below ar the steps

  1. Go to your "my account" tab and click advertising.
  2. Type in your google ad sense,chitika ads and amazon affiliates advertising ID.
  3. When you make an article Chitika and google ad sense ads will automatically show up. 
  4. To get the amazon ads type in the type of product you want to advertise and amazon will do the rest.


 This is an important part of making money on Infobarrel. When you write an article and put ads on it, you have finished the majority of the work you must do to succeed on Infobarrel but your work is not over. You need to get people to your articles. This is where optimizing comes in. You might get 1-100 visitors a month from the Infobarrel search engine but in order to get a lot of traffic you have to build links. To do this you can comment on forums and add a link to your article, Build a pay per click ad campaign, Link 2 of your articles together,and  submit your article to directorys. There is much more you can do to optimize your articles. To see more ways to optimize your articles go to Optimizing articles.

Bottom Line

 The bottom line is that anyone can make money on Infobarrel. All you have to do is work hard and follow my steps to profiting from Infobarrel. To read more about making money from Infobarrel check out my profile and read some of my other articles on making money on Infobarrel and online. The webanswers article is a great read.