People have been buying and selling in game items and currency for a long time but until now it has not been safe. Players have had their accounts banned, hacked and lost everything that they have spent countless hours working towards by purchasing digital items and currency from 3rd party websites. Blizzard Entertainment is trying to counter this problem with the Diablo 3 real money auction house. This feature will allow gamers to add money to a balance and use this to buy and sell items and currency on the Diablo 3 RMAH. Players will be charged a small fee to post items on the auction house and for each successful sale. You will be able to choose to have the money earned through this feature deposited back into your balance or cashed out into your Paypal account. There will be additional fees for cashing out money earned this way. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they will be giving players a few free auction house posts each week. This is great for players who do not frequently post items or do not want to spend money trying to play the auction house.

Games of this scale have always had their own player based economy, but until now it has only been through in game currency. Websites have been selling items and gold for a very long time but they have not been safe. This feature will allow the players to control the real money exchange for in game currency and items. Blizzard Entertainment will not be selling items or gold on the auction house so it will be completely up to the players. Allowing gamers the chance to make some extra money playing this game is one of the best ideas that Blizzard has had in a long time. You can't expect to get rich playing this game but you will have a chance to sell the items that you do not need for a little bit of extra spending money.

At launch, I do not expect many people to be spending money on items or in game currency because everyone will be too busy leveling and will earn everything that they need. After everyone starts to reach level cap, more and more items should start selling. People will want the best possible gear for PvP and Inferno mode. I expect the prices for gold and items to jump up and down until the majority of people reach level cap. The cost for these items will always change because people are going to try to undercut each other to make their sale but things will start to even out. Once the "Farmers" start to find the best ways to get gold and gear, the prices for items will drop drastically. You will still be able to make money playing this game but you will have to undercut everyone else on the auction house to make your sale.

Only time will tell how players will use this revolutionary feature. If you plan on making money in Diablo 3, I recommend rushing to level cap and getting all of the best gear that you can before anyone else because the first few weeks will be the best weeks for selling items and gold. Once everyone else catches up, the prices will drop. Blizzard has not officially announced the fees involved with the real money auction house but be sure to keep an eye out for them. You will want to make sure that the items you post on the RMAH will make you money after the fees. Create your Paypal account and read more about the balance to stay up to date and be prepared for the Diablo 3 release date.