Make Money Writing

In the past writers faced a difficult challenge to be a full-time writer since there weren’t as many opportunities and plenty of competition from more established writers. Today you can make a living as a writer due to the enormous opportunities that the Internet provides for new writers to get established in the business.

Traditional Writing

You can make still a living as a writer using traditional writing methods such as novel, magazine, and journal writing. In fact many writers make a good living doing just this, but it’s hard to break into due to the competition.  Many books you find on the shelves are written by established authors. It’s rare to find books by new author’s and when you do it’s because they got a break in the industry some how.  Celebrities and others can easily get their books to market while the struggling writer will find it hard. Magazine writing is a bit easier but still you have to have some good ideas and write exactly what the magazine is looking for. You need to prepare yourself for numerous rejections and you might not get any assignments at all. Writing in the traditional way can bring you good money but it’s for the lucky few and not the majority of people who want to make a career with writing.

Writing Online

The Internet has opened up a huge writing opportunity for even the beginner writer. Many sites will pay you to write articles and over time you can make some good money. Sites such as Hubpages, InfoBarrel, Squidoo, and others pay you for your well written web content. Other sites will give you an upfront payment to write for them. This allows beginner writers to get established in the business and opens up more opportunities. Publishers may see your work online and hire you to work for them. Many people do nothing but write online and make good money. You could write for an online magazine, blog, run your own website with your articles, and so on. Making money writing online can be a slow process and plenty of writers will get discouraged but in the long run the writing pays off. Start by writing for content sites and then write your own blog. Backlink your articles and do promotion to see the best results.

Online Freelancing

Some sites such as Elance or Odesk provide freelancing opportunities and actual full jobs for writers such as editing, proofreading, resume writing, or article construction. You do a regular job on these sites and get paid once the assignment is finished. You could make a good income writing for these sites and if you have technical skills in one area your earning could explode.  This type of writing is harder to get into than straight web content writing but if you have technical knowledge or skills such as editing, ghost writing, or proofreading, you can make a great income. 

You Can Make Money as a Writer

Making money with writing takes time, dedication and effort. Writers don’t have to struggle as much as they used to. There are great new opportunities out there with the Internet. Take your writing online and discover all the possibilities it brings for you. If you are finding it difficult as a traditional writer to break-in, the Internet might just be the golden ticket you have been looking for.