There are so many scams, exaggerated stories and blatant lies on the internet that it is difficult to know the truth. The whole scheme about passive income generated by articles you have once written seems too good to be true... So what's the truth? Is this whole a myth or is it reality?

LiesCredit: Adragast

Earning Even When You Don't Work

Or Working Even When You Don't Earn?

Many people promote online articles by saying how nice it is to get passive income, to earn money even while doing nothing. But the problem is that when you start writing, you have to work hard and you earn little. It is more working even while you are earning nothing. And then you start questioning the whole thing. Is this all a lie?

I would admit that "passive income" is an exaggeration. Not only do writers need to update their content to satisfy their readers but if they want their articles to rank high, they also need to follow some "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) rules that are sujects to changes

However, sometimes, I get money from an article written 6 months ago and maybe updated only once or twice since then. So earning has indeed a passive part.

Is It Not Possible to Make Money Then?

Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

Sure, earning is not completely passive, sure, some of the stories out there are clear scams to convince you to sign up somewhere or buy a product (like this mom of three working one hour a day and making thousands of dollars every month, or this guy who got rich from his caravan) but rejecting the possibility of making money writing articles altogether is too extreme.

Many people make some money and you can too if you don't give up. Making a living with can be challenging though. By the way, here are some more explanations about how people make money with online articles.

The Success Curve Is Not Linear

Either a Hit or a Miss

The other thing about writing online articles, or making money online in general is that the revenue curve is not linear. 

You could compare it to songs. Many songs are not popular and only few people know them. They are not generating money as almost noone is buying the CD, etc... And then, you have big hits. Those songs everyone knows and that so many people want. Those are the ones making all the money

Articles are a bit similar. You want to write THE articles that everyone reads and likes. Those are the articles that advertisers want and will fight for. Those are also the easiest to make money through affiliates sales.

So, the Conclusion?

It would be surprising for me to conclude: "it is not worth it, we can't make money online" because then, why would I write this article in the first place? But, on the other hand, I want to be honest. 

Making money writing articles is not easy and it is probably not as passive as you are told. However, it is possible to make some money online and I am managing it myself.

I like to think about it as a hobby that instead of requiring a lot of money (golf, bikes, ...) generates a little revenue. Isn't it already something nice?