The Journey

This is my first article on InfoBarrel in a long list of articles to come. The purpose of this article is to provide a starting point for my journey; a grand launch pad of where I am coming from as well as the path that I am taking to get to my goal. I intend for this to be part of a monthly segment in my InfoBarrel writing: Making Money : An InfoBarrel Diary; documenting the progression of my writing.

 There are two main reasons that I have turned to InfoBarrel to scribe:

1.)    To earn a passive income. I was never a great writer, but if I can hone my skill and get paid to write articles about things that I am passionate about that is great!

Piggy Bank(96288)Credit: MorgueFile

2.)    My job can be kind of mundane! I am an equity derivatives trader. While some may find trading an exciting profession (I love it, don't get  me wrong), the job does not offer much as far as betterment of ones self goes. I like to read, but I thought that writing would be something that will help me improve my knowledge and keep me learning new things month after month.

Here is my basic game plan of how I am going to move forward in this experiment/project/job… The most important thing is that I need things to write about. I have this here, a pseudo blog/diary of my progress. I figure that to accomplish my goal #1 of earning money for writing articles I will need quite a few articles and quite a few topics. My goal is to write seven articles a week (I would like to do more, but I am thinking start small as to not overwhelm early on). My first step is to brainstorm a few things that I can write consistently about:

  • Finance and Trading
  • Sports
  • Food (I love to eat and cook)
  • Gardening (another passion of mine)
  • Things to do with Daughters
  • Expecting a second child

I hope to expand upon these selections that I will be writing about, but I figure this is a good start. It also ties in very nicely with my second reason for wanting to begin writing. All of these subjects are things that I am passionate about. To research them and write about them in new and exciting ways will help me grow in my understanding of each as well as improve my technical knowledge of each subject!

Where To Begin

Now that I have a few options on topics to write about I need to decide how I want to go about my progression of writing. There are two ways that I see moving forward in this respect. I can alternate articles to keep everything fresh or I can choose one topic and run with it for a week or so before flipping to a new topic… then cycle back around. Both ways will have benefits.

Keeping on the same topic may offer a sense of burnout, or it may make it easier to keep in the same thread…  I do not know, but I will surely find out. I am going to choose to keep a certain topic for a week or so. This will help me in my writing and researching while I get up to speed  in the beginning. I think this will also let me pay closer attention to the more technical areas that I will need to figure out sooner than later. This leads to my last topic of this installment -> Tips and Tricks

While I do not know any as of yet, I keep reading about SEO, back-linking, contextual links, keywords, linking media pages. This will be a long fruitful adventure, and I’m here to enjoy the process.

Where am I going?

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