Diary Installment 2

What went right? What went wrong

So here I am, roughly 15 Days into my InfoBarrel experiment. It is time for my bi-monthly update! A lot has happened over the past 18 days. My work ethic, I think, has been pretty diligent. I have worked on writing and researching for about 3-4 hours a night. Here are a few things that I have accomplished.

  • I now know a lot more about SEO, keywords, back-linking
  • I am beginning to get comfortable with the formatting features on InfoBarrel
  • I have 9 articles up, with one in draft mode ready to be uploaded
  • I have figured out what makes a topic “worth” writing about
  • I have created a web of sites to promote and back-link articles

By no means have I mastered any of these tasks, but from where I came from I am well ahead of where I was.

I found out a lot of this stuff through reading through the InfoBarrel Forum (great wealth of information) and asking questions. I also used the free trial to Market Samurai and watched the tutorial videos. They were very informational as well in regards to SEO and keywords.

While I am pleased with my process, and I think that as I grow with the project I will invariably gain speed in my writing, to this point it has been painstakingly slow. Here is a list of areas I came up short of projections:

  • I am not writing an article a day (more like every other)
  • I have not made a penny yet (though I have seen progress)
  • I still do not fully understand AdSense and Analytics
  • I have not been verified to get auto-publish (I’m close on this one)
  • I have not used any of the alternative web sites at all yet!

The saying in the forum when you read about writing for InfoBarrel and it not being any sort of get rich quick scheme is absolutely true. It is definitely a marathon not a sprint. I feel like I am at the level where I understand that the mileage that I am going to need to travel is going to take dedication and rigorous effort, exactly like a marathon and the preparation up to it. To do this, these are my goals for over the next 15 days:

  1. Get pre-approved publishing status
  2. Go over all my articles and edit pictures and content
  3. Focus on other sites and getting the current articles promoted and back-linked
  4. Get analytics set up for InfoBarrel
  5. Get a better understanding of AdSense and Analytics

Though I do not plan on adding any articles to InfoBarrel after I get pre-approved publishing status, all of my work will be focused on driving traffic to my current articles and refining them and updating their content.

See you in 15 Days.

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