I Bought That??

If that enters your mind every time you open your closet door, then it might be time to do a little cleaning.  If you think closet organizing is only slightly more enjoyable than a traffic jam, then why not get paid to do it. Now that’s more like it. There is nothing better than some greenbacks for a little motivation to tackle any project. If you don’t think it's worth your time, then ponder this. A recent study[1] found that $125,000 can be spent on clothing over a life time! But how can you be paid for the clothes you haven’t even worn since one of the Bush’s was President? I’m glad you asked.


First Thing’s Firstfull closetCredit: E. Forrester

Before you can pay off that next cable bill with your old threads, you need to do a little sorting. It will be easier now if you categorize the apparel in your closet into four main groups.

  • Trash - These are the items that are just plain disgusting - worn out, filled with holes, stained, etc. If you have any strange attachment to any of these items, then ask your significant other to toss them when you are not looking. If you hate the thought of filling up a landfill with your misguided purchases, then you can make rags out of the non-synthetic clothes or if you’re feeling extremely creative, then you can make throw pillows. Check this article out for an excellent guide.
  • Donate - These are the items that are wearable, but not in great condition or are completely out of style. There are a ton of places to donate clothing including Goodwill, Salvation Army, and there are even organizations that collect clothes for low-income job seekers. If you want more information on how to donate clothing, then check this guide out.
  • The Money Pile - This is the clothing that still looks great and you know other people will be interested in owning. Perhaps you are just tired of the clothing or it never fit right.
  • The Good Stuff - These are the items that you regularly wear or do not want to discard. Put these back into your closet once you are done sorting.


Selling the Goods

There are various options for selling the items from your money pile and it will take some of your own research to determine which option you want to pursue. The money pile can further be sorted into high value items and low value items and each pile sold in a different way. For example, a nearly new suit would be considered a high value item. A pair of non-designer jeans would be considered a low value item.


Where to Sell High Value Items

There are many options available for selling your underused clothing especially if you are willing to sell your clothes online. If you choose to sell online, then take a picture of the item on a hanger. Make sure you write a detailed description of the item and mention any flaws. This will make you a more creditable seller. 

  • eBay – Sell items here if the items are newer designer clothing. Check this article out for tips for selling items on eBay.
  • Tradesy – This site is for women’s apparel, and like eBay, designer items should be sold here. Once an item sells, Tradesy even sends a pre-addressed package, so you can ship it.
  • Etsy – Sell items on Etsy that are older or vintage.
  • Consignment shop – If you are not interested in selling your clothes online, then you could sell them at a consignment shop. To learn more about this process then check out this excellent guide.


Where to Sell Low Value Items

Anything left in your money pile can be sold on Craigslist or at a good old-fashioned yard sale. If you feel like making a social event, then you can also get your friends together and do clothing swap party. Check this guide out on how to plan one. Any clothes left can be donated.

Now you can sit back and relax. Enjoy the clean closet and the fatter wallet.