Staying at home to raise children is rewarding in terms of being a mother, as you are always available for your kids. But most women staying at home believe that their career comes to a dead end. In fact, this is not true, as there are many options for working from home. Of course, if you want to, you can look all sales vacancies in Austin and pick something suitable for you, but for more convenience look though the jobs you can do from home. Most of them have flexible hours and can be done part-time or full-time, as you like.

Audio transcriptions

There is a great field devoted to making manuscripts to audio records, and you can earn some good money doing this. To do the job you basically should know how to type and have good headphones. The great plus would be good ears as long as texts you get downloaded to your computer can contain some accents. Audio scripts are needed for lectures and speeches, plus some insurance companies make transcriptions of their interviews.

Freelance writing

In the age of internet the written word is a need, for example businesses and different private companies need quality content for their official websites. This can be blog posts about services and products of the companies, or professional blogs. There are plenty of websites for writers that offer your work for their clients, and if you are interested, you can use them for starting your career. Later on you will get your own client base and broaden your work.

Selling your products

In case you are good at some craft and you make things that are both beautiful and useful, consider selling your own goods – there is a great market of such things out there. The specialized websites will list your crafts with pictures and descriptions. You can easily get money for something you make as a hobby – just invest some time and effort.

Affiliate sales

Plenty of companies selling products hire people online, and everything you have to do to become a sales person is sign up for the program and get account number. After that you use this number in the link, and it will prove that the sale was done by you, and you get commission for that. Basically, there are no limits for the earnings in the field, and everything depends on you and your motivation.

Insurance sales

Just like with the affiliate sales, you can consider selling insurance policies, both online and by phone. This job allows you to stay at home and get commissions as independent contractor.