Making Money Selling Your Old Auto Parts or Abandoned Cars

Here's the scenario...maybe you have been collection cars and old rusted car parts for years and really never had a plan on what to do with them! Or maybe you've inherited a piece of property that is filled with a lot of the same, and you have no idea what to do with all of it?  Well if you haven't thought about seizing the opportunity to create cash from all of those old auto parts you've been storing in your back yard, garage, or shop; you should! If you are playing a role in one of these situations, I think you'll really enjoy my top three TIPS below!

Maybe you, or your husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend, started keeping old parts around the yard years ago, and as the years have gone by, they just piled up over the years; until you wake up one day and think to yourself "what am I going to do with all of this?"  For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that you’re not saving this “collection” for a potential emergency need for one of your parts in the future, and we are going to assume that you don’t have or want a parts warehouse to store junk anymore.  

You might have a hard time believing this, but there really are quite a few different ways to turn your old used auto parts into money!  In this short article, I’m going to share three, easily accomplished and valuable TIPS that might give you the motivation you need to move the inventory you don't want any more off your lot or out of your garage.

Actually, nowadays there are many people using old automobiles and aged car parts as a way to make extra money, and in some instances a LOT of money.  As a matter of fact, there is an entire culture of people making a fortune by buying and selling those holdings. Just take a look at the televised classic auto auctions...where do you think a lot of those cars came from prior to being restored and sold for BIG BUCKS?

Let’s take a look at the list of my Top Three TIPS that might show you how to profit from cleaning up and making more space in your garage.

TIP #1) Sell your Old Retired Auto Parts to a Local Auto Wrecking/Salvage Yard!

This is one of those ideas that most of us would never think of. But think about it for a moment…what are Salvage yards in the business of doing?  Buying and selling old cars, old car parts, wrecked cars, and complete cars that other people don’t want anymore. WOW…what a concept! (Big grin!!)

This TIP might require you to deliver your old inventory to your local auto junkyard; I say “might,” because you might find that you have parts in your possession that wrecking yards want so badly that they will actually come out with one of their trucks and pick up the inventory from your house. That would be awesome wouldn’t it?

And you might be surprised at what your local auto salvage yard is willing to pay for your parts stash.  Of course there is that chance that they won’t be interested at all and you wind up having to donate the parts for recycling - but on the other hand you might have exactly what they are looking for to resell! Wrecking yards love unique old car parts, and they might be more than happy to pay top-dollar for your collection.  Of course they plan on selling those recent purchased for a profit, so don’t expect for the wrecking yard buyer to give you a fortune for your “junk.” Just listen to what the buyer has to offer, and negotiate a price that is good for both of you.

Now you might have a bunch of stuff lying around that might be worth only $5-$20 to the buyer…BUT…any dollars you receive from the salvage yard will be better than recycling all of those items for ZERO profit. Right?  Keep in mind, that not only will you have money for a tank of gasoline (albeit a lawnmower tank), but you’ll have those old parts gone for good and have your yard, garage, or shop back.

TIP #2) “Part-Out” or Sell Those Old Junk Automobiles

Does this sound familiar…you have an old car in the yard or shop that's not running anymore, and it’s just taking up space or it even has weeds growing up through it?

Here’s an idea – turn that eye-sore into cash by selling as many parts off of it as is possible - one at a time. This is known as “parting out,” and people have been doing this since the very first car was scrapped. Everything from the windshield, to the wheels and tires, to all of the outer and inner metal panels, to the headliner can be sold to folks that need those parts. And believe it or not, you might make a LOT more money by parting out your old car than selling it as a complete car. Sure you might have to do some physical labor, BUT…this “parting out” TIP is a very successful business model used nowadays by many of the major wrecking yard companies. They actually invite customers to come into their wrecking yard and remove parts, using their own tools and muscle, in exchange for their hard-earned money. Why not apply that same business idea with your junk cars?  Just make sure you have the person sign a disclaimer noting that they are taking all responsibility if they get injured while removing a part; and I bet you could find that form online for free.

TIP #3) Sell your Old Auto Parts and Profit - Using Online Outlets

My third TIP for making money by selling those old auto parts taking up space in your yard or shop - sell them on the internet. Duh!  Millions of people check the top websites on the internet, daily, for great deals on the hard-to-find car parts that they need. And if you’re new to the internet, here are some of those top websites that I mentioned above (not in any order, nor do I have any stake in any of these sites) - eBay, Amazon, and of course Craigslist.  Each of those sites has a HUGE market for buyers and sellers of discount auto parts.

There are my top three TIPS! But when you look at all of the options out there to make money in exchange for junk, I think you’ll find that they are the TOP three ways of making money and cleaning up your place at the same time. Selling those old pieces to people who are happy to find them and then pull out their wallets to finish the transaction, is WAY better than simply allowing those old auto parts or complete automobiles to simply rust away in your yard or garage!  If you have any old parts lying around, give all three options a try!  I'd be willing to guarantee you will see positive and profitable results!