If you are new to writing online or making money online and looking at InfoBarrel as a possibility to generate more income, then the first thing to do is make goals. If you are looking at using InfoBarrel or any other writing platform as a way to create more income in your life, then it is essential that you look at this as a job. Any job, even one you love, requires work. Sometimes you have to get up, get dressed, and put a smile on your face to go to that job even when you would rather pull the covers up over your head and stay in bed all day. Writing online is no different. There will be days that you are inspired and it comes easily, others where you feel discouraged and don't know what to write.

If this is a source of income for you, no matter how much you enjoy writing, there will be days, weeks, or maybe even months at a time that you don't want to write, where inspiration doesn't flow naturally and you have to push yourself harder than normal to get to words typed out or written down. This is normal! I am going to assume that you are writing on InfoBarrel because you intend to make money. While I'm aware that there are tons of people who like to write for fun and do so because they enjoy it and want to be read by a multitude of people, where money is a plus but not the goal. However, if you are reading this, then I think it's pretty safe to assume you are looking to either supplement or replace your income from writing and making money is your goal.

If you want to truly make money online, then you need to be clear about your goals, this is first and foremost. "Earning enough to quit your job" is not a clear and concise goal. "Quit your job in one year with income being equal to your wages by that time" is more clear and defined. State a specific date you wish to accomplish your long term goal, as well as a dollar amount needed for your goal to be complete.

If you are new to writing, or any type of online work, you will need to give yourself about four months to gauge how much money you can realistically make. Don't take anyone else's experience into account here, although some people can give you great advice, no one can tell you what you can and will make. A person who is immaculate with SEO and marketing will do much better and build their income faster than a person who thinks of a candy bar when they hear the term SEO. A person who writes five articles a day is going to watch the monetary gains rise faster than one who writes five articles a month. And of course there's actual writing ability. With all the variables, it's impossible to say how well you can or will do. But it is realistic to say that you can and will meet your goals if you are willing to put in the work. The time involved to get there is entirely dependant on you, your current skill level, how motivated you are and how willing you are to learn.

You will get better with time. The beginning is more of an assessment of your current level of commitment, skill, and persistence. That is not to say that after four months you made a total of $7.00 you are stuck at that level. Obviously, the more you write the more you will earn because of the simple fact that more articles brings more revenue, but you will also earn more over time because your skills will increase. You will become a better writer, you will learn to market your articles better, you will get formatting and SEO down to a science. Be careful to not look at your beginning earnings as an end all, if they aren't what you hoped, realize it does and will get better, as long as you are persistent. You can be an amazing writer and horrible with other aspects needed to make money online such as marketing or SEO, you will still make money, but it won't be at your max. You can also be a horrible writer but amazing with marketing and make money. The idea is to consistently get better of all aspects that contribute to your success online.

Don't be a hopper. It's so easy to think maybe you will be better off writing for another site, then another. When your income doesn't explode you try blogging, then when you don't make much there you begin another blog, then another. Still not seeing the income you hoped for you decide to start affiliate marketing and build a website, after a few months with little to no revenue you give up and throw in the towel concluding that it's not possible to make money online, or you start the cycle over again. Just like anything in life, making money online takes time, commitment and patience. You don't go to the gym with the intention of losing fifty pounds in a year, workout for a week and quit because the scale hasn't budged and still shows a long way away from your goal. Stick with one thing until you master it!

Focus on one thing for a specific amount of time before moving on to another thing. For instance, write one article a day / week / month for four months. Decide what you are willing to commit to, what you have time for, then do it. No matter what, stick to your plan. after the four months, you can evaluate and see if your efforts are aligning with your goals. If they are, continue doing what you are doing. If not, then it's time to up your game plan. Write more articles, read all policies, make sure you are maximizing your earning potential. For instance on Infobarrel, if you write 20 articles in one month your revenue share increases, 30 it increases even more. If you win a contest you income increases, are you taking advantage of links? Look at the policies and make sure to meet all requirements to fully take advantage of your earning potential.

Track your articles. After four months of writing you should be able to see what articles are giving you the best results, which ones get the most traffic, which ones get little traffic and so on. Look for distinguishing factors in these articles. What do they have in common? Are your high producing articles on the same or similar topics? Are the titles similar; lists, how to, best of, etc.? How are your SEO practices displayed in your top producing articles? Evaluate this every four months or so. Replicate the commonality that produces good results in your top articles. Now is the time you should tweak your less producing articles to incorporate what you find works also. By doing this, you will constantly be maximizing your income. For example, if you have 50 articles, and only three of them are generating the majority of your revenue after four months, then by finding what is working for those said articles and applying the same principle to your other 47 articles you have the potential to explode your income exponentially by the fifth month. After a year of doing this, you can imagine the income benefits you will have gained.

After you have mastered writing articles, then you can venture out to additional writing sites, blogs, affiliate marketing, writing ebooks, etc. There are multiple ways to make money online.However, If you don't build a solid base and have the dedication to build up one stream of income at a time until it stabilizes itself, before moving on to other methods, then even though you may make money, you more than likely won't be reaching your potential in any area.

Don't give up! If you seriously want to provide yourself with more income through your writing, then you need to stay committed, treat it like a business, satisfy your goals, even when you would rather do something else, constantly get better both with your writing skills, research, and marketing, eventually you will meet your goals!