Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by google. This platform allows users to make a blog and show it to the world. With its many features, is one of the coolest sites to use to make a blog. In this article I will show you how to make money with blogger. So stay tuned.

What Is Blogger is a site that allows users to make blogs and monetize them. The blogs are free to make and the site has gadgets that allow users to improve their site.


Sign up

To make a blogger blog you must have a blogger account. If you don't already have an account, than I recomend signing up.It is free to sign up and easy. Very little personal information is required. 

 Type Of Blog To Create

This part is important. Believe it or not there are many different types of blogs. There are parked blogs,automated blog and continual posting blogs. Below I explain each one in detail.


Parked blogs

You might have heard the phrase parked domains parked blogs are similar. It involves you making a blog posting content on the blog posting ads on the blog and then letting the blog sit and earn money. I love this method and use it all the time. It is very simple to do and if you get the right domain name, you can make money. All you have to do is start a blog and post tons of content on it. Then you leave it, and slowly traffic should flow to it. Sometimes you might need to do some search engine optimization, but usually you should be able to make a blog and not do too much work to it.

Automated Blogs

  These blogs are controversial. Automating a blog involves getting articles from another sources and automatically posting them to your blog. On blogger this is  possible and many people have done it effectively, heres how you do it. First you must start a blog. On blogger, this is very easy to do. Once you have started a blog, you will have to draw content from another site. This can be done by linking up that sites feed to yours. It may take you a while to figure it out but once you do it, you will have content automatically flowing to your blog. An important thing to remember is that, it may be illegal to take certain content. Posting content on your site and calling it your own is plagiarism which is illegal. Make sure that you have permission to take the content. There are a few websites that allow people to do this. They are generally article directories. If you decide to do this, be absolutely sure that you have permission, you never want to be stuck in a position where you have stolen from someone.


Regular Blogs(Continual Posting)

The most common type of blog is a regular blog or a continual posting blog, these are the blogs were the owners constantly post new content for readers. These blogs are a lot more time consuming but can pay off in the long run.  To start a regular blog, you will need a domain name and a hosting service. You can always use a free service like WordPress, but I recommend getting your own domain. You will need a template and design for your blog which can be gotten at a number of places.

Once you have the foundation of your site built, you will need to prepare content. You can post almost anything on your site, from videos- slideshows. The more content the better. When making a regular blog, it is important to space out the content you put, don't put all your content on the site in the beginning. Put maybe 1-3 new things a week on your site. If you space your site out, then search engines will constantly crawl it and hopefully your rankings will rise. Once you have made content, you will have to work on search engine optimization, or website promotion. In order to promote your website, you will need links leading to it. This can be achieved by swapping links with other blogs, posting on forums and in directories, or even writing an article about your website. There are tons of ways to promote your site, and by doing so you can build up a following of readers. When making a regular blog, try to build subscribers who will constantly scour your blog for new content. If you can build up a strong base of subscribers, then you can get tons of traffic to your site which will eventually turn into revenue.

     Monetizing your website is very important. If you cannot make money from your site, then it is a failure. You can put advertisements on your site in many ways. The most straightforward way is to have advertisements which can be added to the side or even imbedded in your website. Google Adsense, is an advertising program that lets website owners show ads on their site. Another type of ad is an intext contextual ad that is imbedded into your content itself. These ads, can also be effective. I would advise staying away from popup ads for two reasons, the first reason is that most browsers block them from view so you won't be able to reach many people, the second reason is that many people find tem annoying and might leave your site if you have them. 

Along with conventional advertising, you can also have affiliate programs and sponsorship deals. Sometimes companies will offer affiliate programs were people can refer other people to a certain product/service and they can get a commission. This type of program can be imbedded into your blog and is commonly used in many blogs.



In conclusion, there are many types of blogs you can start and run. Hopefully by reading this article, you have learnt how to successfully own and operate a blog. If you have any questions or comments, please write them down below in the comment section.