If you found making money with grocery coupons useful, then there is a lot more to talk about in how you can make even more money with grocery coupons. As we mentioned in the first part of this article, the basic strategy for most of the ways you can make money with grocery coupons have centered on getting free products. Once you have free product you have these options:

You can save the money that you would have spent on your groceries and use that cash for other things you need to buy.

You can sell your excess free items to your friends, family or classmates. They get deeply discounted merchandise saving them both time and money. You get paid for your efforts while providing a much needed service to those around you. Selling at about 30% of the regular shelf price of the item is a good deal for everyone.

You can work out a deal with a local food bank or food pantry to be their super shopper, saving them time and resources while providing necessities for the needy.

Those were the first three options we talked about and there are still others to make you even more cash.

Selling Coupons Online for Profit

Well, technically not selling the coupons as a product, but selling the time it takes you to clip, sort and mail the coupons to another person, or your services. As you may have noticed from the previous article, the quickest way to get a lot of free items is to have a boatload of like coupons in your hands when there is a sale good enough that you can get a product for free. Heavy coupon shoppers don't mess around with the time it takes to find a good deal and then not maximize the savings by not stocking up. They frequently buy preclipped grocery coupons through a coupon clipping service in lots of 20 or more. Where do they get them? They buy either from a coupon clipping service with their own website, or at Ebay auctions. If you have either the knowledge of being an Ebay seller, or the ability to design and manage your own site, there is plenty of money to be made selling your services to provide preclipped coupons.

Making Money with Grocery Coupons and Personal Shopping with Grocery Delivery Services

To my knowledge there is only one online grocery shopping service offering delivery service which will pick up your coupons and use them for your while shopping for your groceries to maximize your savings. WeShopNow is available in most areas of the country, although their prices are higher than most would care to pay and are set by each local franchise owner. If you can offer better service and are willing to use your coupon shopping skills, you can make your money by taking a percentage of how much you save your clients. Many seniors, busy moms and professionals are willing to contract with someone on a regular basis if they are able to save them more money than either WeShopNow or the local grocery chains. Unfortunately, grocery stores offering online ordering and delivery will not use money saving coupons while filling your order, so there is a definite niche here to be filled for those looking for a cheaper way of purchasing groceries without needing rely on the usual local services.

You can advertise your services for free locally via Craigslist and then offer your existing clients free service for a week in exchange for referrals in order to build your clientele. I personally know of one smart grocery shopper who brings in a 6 figure income while she feeds her own coupon addiction shopping for others. You see, she shops on her clients' club card while making purchases for them, and if they do not purchase the maximum on free items for a particular coupon, she is able to purchase the item for herself and add it to her own pile of freebies. By the time she is done filling orders for her clients each week, she has a gigantic pile of items she can resell that she got for nothing. Here is the really cool part, she is good friends with an owner of an independent dollar store and sells her excess freebies every week to the owner at a deeply discounted rate. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Selling Your Free Grocery Items to Dollar Stores for a Profit

As I have recently learned from my friend, dollar stores are always on the lookout for merchandise to fill their shelves. If you find yourself with tons of products you will not use, but that did not cost you anything to buy, consider selling the excess to an independent dollar store for their stock. Most dollar stores try to keep the cost of their items to around $.35 to $.40 or less per item and also will require you to sell bulk items to them at once. Why is bulk important? Having a larger number of the same item is a lot easier to merchandise for them on their shelves, saving them both time and labor. So, for instance, if you got free shampoo this week and the matching conditioner was also available, you would be better off to go with 24 bottles of the same shampoo rather than 12 shampoos and 12 bottles of conditioner. Of course there is nothing wrong with getting 24 or each throughout the course of the week if you have enough coupons.

Also, contacting independent dollar stores will get you a lot further than those that are national chains. You will be much more likely to have a positive response to your inquiries.

Making money with grocery coupons is easy if you have the right skills. Volume is the name of the game with supermarket coupons for getting enough free items to resell. If handling physical merchandise is not your cup of tea, why not run a coupon clipping service instead?