Monopoly MoneyLike many of you, I’ve read a LOT about making money online. I tried a few methods in high school, but never stuck with anything long enough to see results (if they even existed in the first place). Now that I’m a senior in college, I’m much better at managing my time, and personal projects. I’m approaching a fifth year in Electrical Engineering school, and am facing somewhat of a financial strain. I am going to use InfoBarrel as one way to ease that pressure.

My Goal

I work 10 hours per week in the library on campus earning a little over minimum wage. I make about $75 a week before taxes. My goal is to replace this work-study job with InfoBarrel before next fall. This comes out to about $300 per month. I’ve done work making money from my own sites before, so I know this is tough goal to reach. I’m not afraid of hard work, though, so I feel confident that I can make it. I’ll also have plenty of time over the summer to work on this project.

My Plan

I’m not new to the web, having built a few successful blogs over the past few years. This experience is going to help me when it comes to making money with InfoBarrel. I already have a basic knowledge of SEO and backlinks that I feel will help me greatly. Putting all this together, here’s my plan:

1. Steadily write high-quality articles. I hope to compete between 20 and 30 articles per month. This will give me somewhere between 80 and 120 articles by the start of school in August. I’m not the best writer, but I feel that I’m pretty good, especially when I know about the subject.

2. Write about what I know. I sat down and thought about what subjects I am passionate about. I came up with 5 subjects and used them as headings in a spreadsheet, then wrote article ideas under each. I have about 200 ideas, each one in area that I am knowledgeable and interested in.

3. SEO! I already know a good deal about SEO from the blogs and niche sites that I have created, so I think I’ve got this covered. I already do keyword research for articles on my sites, so I will carry that over to my articles here. I will also create high quality backlinks for each of my articles to drive more traffic to them.

I think this plan will carry me to my goal in the future. I’d also like to point out that InfoBarrel is just one of my streams of income. I also have a couple of blogs that do pretty well with Adsense and Amazon sales, so I will continue to grow them as well.

I’m excited about earning more income through InfoBarrel each month. If you want to do the same thing, then sign up now!