T Shirt Business Plan

T Shirt BusinessCredit: morguefile.comAre you Creative? Would you love to show your designs on t shirts? Looking for a new Home Business to Start?

The T Shirt business is still going strong, and with computers and "do it yourself" printing, this could be a very lucrative at home business.

I personally love to paint and draw, especially dolphins. I painted a great dolphin picture and scanned it into my computer, and then had it produced on a t shirt for family members for fun gifts. They thought it was a great idea, and still wear them. I then realized I could probably market these t shirts.

People are always wearing t shirts, you see them with photographs of their grandkids, kids and favorite phrases, and all kinds of different designs. I used to sell my arts and crafts online or at shows, but found there was a bigger market in "useable art". Art that could be worn or used for a purpose, other than just hanging it on the wall. I still sell still art, but there is something fun about creating designs for t shirts, bags, totes etc.


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T Shirts Make Useable Art

You can purchase blank t shirts or totes and paint an original right on the t shirt, which is also a great seller, as your purchaser knows, this is the only one, and she is not likely to run into anyone else with the same design. This works well as long as you use fabric paints for longevity, and you pin your t shirt down and put cardboard between the layers. I then heat set it with an iron after a day or so, and it will last a long time.

There are many ways of doing this, you could simply scan your design and print onto iron on paper, that you can get at office supply stores, or you can upload to many sites out there that will print your design on as many t shirts as you want.

A t shirt business, makes a great home business. If you were looking for a way to channel your creativity, then this is something you may want to consider. You could then sell your t shirts online. They are lightweight, and easy to mail. You can also purchase blank t shirts online as well, you don't have to leave your house at all!.

The internet can be a great friend when it comes to starting a home business. If you are not creative with drawing, you could use photographs, or check out the public domain for more ideas of pictures that you could use "as is" or put into a editing program and have fun with.

The Public Domain is where pictures, books etc have run out of copyright, and are yours for the taking. Just make sure it is out of copyright before you start playing with it.

Get your friends to wear some of your designs, give them some free t shirts, and some business cards, and let word of mouth be your free advertising.

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