If you have a truck then you’re sitting on a potential gold mine. There are so many opportunities to make some extra money, or even make a full-time income from your truck. I know a man who spends his time doing odd jobs and his truck is his main asset. It doesn’t make him a fortune. But he makes a good living to support his wife and himself. It is all about opening your mind to the possibilities.

To get you going, here are a few ideas of what you could do:

You could set up a courier business

As a driver with a van you will be able to transport larger goods from one place to another. There are websites where you can sign up and become an outsourced service provider. With more business being done online the opportunities in this area are only going to broaden.

You could set up a removal business

 With a good-sized truck you could move people in flats or small houses. You could even do larger houses with several journeys. This can be a lucrative business and you may even need to employ someone to help you. Indeed, the heavier items will need significant manpower. As well as the bigger jobs you may want to take smaller jobs of moving individual items, or moving things into storage for people. By building your network and letting people know you provide the service you can make some good money, on a part-time or perhaps even a full-time basis.

You could sell bulky items

With the van you have half of the necessaries to set up a business selling beds, furniture or other hefty items. You would of course need storage space. With eBay it is now possible to develop a business very quickly; there are millions of people daily searching for all manner of items. The problem often with the bigger items is the delivery/collection. Buyers often have to rely on the bigger vendors who offer delivery or go through the hassle of finding someone with a truck to help out. However, with your truck you can offer free or cheap delivery. This can give you the edge over your competition and if you’re willing to travel a reasonable distance you can make a very good business.

 . . .

So there you have it, three great ways to make money from your truck. Of course opportunities come along all the time you may be able to do big car boot sales, help local people with moves, and you may want jobs such as runs to the dump for people. The biggest thing to getting it going is letting people know that you are available, whether you are starting a business or just looking for a little extra income at the weekends.

So does anyone else have some good ideas of how to make money from a truck? There must be many more, and better ones too.