The majority of us wish to modify our personal character and traits right at the beginning of a new year.  Some people write them on paper while some just keep them fresh in their minds.  These desires of changing one’s attitude or practices are what we normally call New Year’s resolutions.

Forgetting Something?

New Year Resolution 1Credit: resolution is supposed to be a firm decision so why do a lot of people always forget what they are supposed to do?  Some of us may not worry about reflecting on our mistakes, especially now in the modern time, we are all hooked up to our job and on the idea of making money.  We barely have time to stop for a moment and contemplate whether we are doing the right thing or we are just doing what pleases others.  One more thing is the lack of determination. They say a bad habit is hard to break but if you are devoted to your resolution, you  will succeed.

Do It and Live It

After New Year’s Eve, we cram to set the ball rolling on our bucket list of resolutions.  Some people do well on the first day, first week and first month of the year but then for some reason or another just give up.  A new year’s resolution should be relentless and unremitting.  This means that you have to continue what you’ve started.  You have already invested your time and energy and if you cease to follow what you’ve started, it’s like abandoning your desire to become a better person.  If you want to achieve your goal, make it real.

Making it Real

In making resolutions, feel free to follow the process that you usually follow.  Some people are comfortable in writing them on a piece of paper, some may put it on their smartphone, some stick them to their mirror and some even opt to post it on their Facebook wall.  No matter how you plan to keep them, what’s important is that you are comfortable with them and you will strive to get them done.

Resolutions are not just made to be written on paper or to be posted on your Facebook wall.  New Year Resolutions 2Credit: should be active tasks that are to be done. Some common example of resolutions include,  I promise not to spend all my money on online games, I promise not to be late to class, I promise to spend more time with my significant other, I promise to eat healthier, I promise to lose weight. “I promise” is the term used to express the feeling of intent.  You intend to accomplish something that you have been having trouble with, you intend to forget the negative things you usually do and you intend to change for the better.  “I promise” is also a commitment to yourself.

Your goal is to improve yourself as a person.   Resolutions are made to be your guide.  If it happens that you are not yet ready to change, then come up with your resolutions little by little.  That way you will have enough time to think and ponder about what you would really like to improve.