Banners are great decorations for bedrooms, churches, and other places or events. They may look hard to make, but certainly don't have to be. You can make a great looking banner without a lot of work and you can do it without sewing. Some simple supplies, a couple hours of work, and you will be having something worth talking about.

Plan Out Your Elements.
The first step is to plan out what you want. Start with how big you want your banner to be. Then plan the shape. Two common shapes are the rectangle and a rectangle with a triangle shape to the bottom bringing it to a point. Once you have a size and a shape then you want to consider all the elements to go on it. Give yourself a few ideas so that when you go to buy supplies you can mix it up or buy something similar if they don't have your original thought. Draw out a few simple sketches to give yourself a few ideas. You will want to take these with you to the craft or material store.


  • Scissors- You will want a sharp pair of scissors to make cutting your material easy. It is also more likely to have a nice straight edge that way.
  • Pins- While not always necessary pins will help you attach certain types of elements (letters, boarders, ribbons, ect) with more ease.
  • Measuring tools- You will want a tape measure or a yard stick so that you can measure out your banner. This will make it easier to get a good measurement.
  • Letter templates (optional)- If you are adding words to your banner you may want letter templates. You can either buy a stencil from the store or print of large letters from your computer and use those.

  • Fabric- You will need to make some material choices. You often have a lot of choices when going to the store. Felt can be an easy to work with option because it is stiffer then many other types of material, but it does lack some of the beauty of other types of material. You will need enough for each section you plan on using the material for. Give yourself a little extra in case you make mistakes and so that you can make the pieces a little bigger then you originally plan so you can fold over the edges for a clean look.
  • Glue- You will want a nice sized bottle of fabric glue so that you can glue down all of your elements and make for a fancy banner. Make sure it is a fabric glue that will hold your materials even in the washer.
  • Fabric tape (optional)- Fabric tape is a quick and easy way to make your edges nice by folding the fabric over on itself (using the tape). You don't have to have it, but it can make things go a lot faster.
  • Decorations- There are a wide range of decoration options for you to consider. You can get ribbon, edging, beaded fringe, other fringe, sequins, glitter, fabric paints, loose beads, and other fabrics to decorate with.

  1. Cut out your main piece. This is what you will put all your element building blocks on to make a cool banner. You will want to make it about 2 inches wider and 6 inches longer then you want the finished piece to be.
  2. Fold over the edges on the sides and bottom about one inch. Secure them using fabric glue or fabric tape.
  3. Fold your top over about 4 or 5 inches and glue it down along the bottom edge. This will leave a tunnel for your dowel rod to go through. The dowel rod will be how you hang the banner.
  4. Lay out all of your elements. Rearrange them until they are pleasing to the eye. Pin them down so that they all stay where they are supposed to go.
  5. Carefully glue down each element and remove the pins. Let them all dry.
  6. Finish with any special touches such as fabric paint, glitter, or sequins.

Hanging Your Banner.
To hang your banner run a decent sized dowel rod through the top (where you left space for it). Choose one that is at least 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch may be better if you have a large or heavy banner. You can add decorative balls to the ends or tassels. You can also paint your dowel rod to meet your color needs. Next attach decorative cord to each side. It should be fairly long so that you can hang the banner from this cord. Finally hang it on a hook or nail and let the world enjoy your creation.

Design Ideas.
  • Words- Words can run across the banner, down the banner, and even diagonally. You can cut out each letter from a contrasting material and then glue it on. If you need to (because of the fabric type) fold the edges over carefully and glue them or use fray check to keep them from fraying. This will help give it a more finished appearance.
  • Pictures- You can use pictures printed on the fabric (from the store), ironed on decals, or cut out of other fabric for decoration as well. Glue these elements down and use fabric paints, glitter, sequins, beads, and other elements to add texture and highlights to the piece.
  • Boarders- The banner will look best if it has a neat and carefully attached boarder. To achieve this use ribbon, lace, edging, or beads. You can even choose fringed options for a great look (especially along the bottom).
  • Materials- Consider your colors, textures, and materials carefully. How will they look together? Often choosing similar types of fabrics with contrasting color and similar texture is a good way to go. Then you can add additional texture with small amounts of other materials, ribbons, beads, and other decorative options.
  • Creativity- This is a project where you can really let your creativity go. Have fun with it and get in the groove. Enjoy the whole process from planning to shopping to the finished product.
  • Kids- Give your kids several options for decorating including glitter paint (for fabrics), fabric paint, buttons, sequins, and other items. Then let them have fun creating their own banner for their room!

Some Quick Ideas.
You can make a banner that welcomes your guests, that gives directions (how to bake a cake or a reminder to flush the toilet), that has cute saying on it ("A spoiled cat lives here" or "Beware: where there are kids there is bound to be a messy house"), or that matches your decor. Let kids decorate ones that match their bedrooms. Use them to show off your likes (cats, sewing items, types of flowers). You can even use them in the baby's room as memories (date of birth, full name, weight, length, time of birth, ect).

Banners are great for expressing yourself, your favorite things, for decorating, and for adding emphasis on certain things. You can use them around the house, around the church, and around the school. Have fun with them and start expressing yourself.