Making Pennies to Making Dollars. Introduction.

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Hi. There was some interest that it might make it easier for some to follow if I put it i article form.

There are many different ways to make money online. This is the steps I take when setting up a website. The purpose of these Pennies to Dollars is to show you how I do it.

I will make a new forum post in off topic which each step. I hope that’s ok with admin. This way the newer writers can follow along without missing any steps. I will also add a link or to each post at the top of each post…You can jump to the posts you want.

Many of you will likely have accounts at the places I use. For those of you who don’t you will need to get accounts. All are Free. As we go along you can join sites that I recommend if you want.

I use Websites for all my pre-sell pages. I was sick and tired of having squidoo, buzzle just to name 2 delete or lock my account. And there are the rules and regulations of many article directories!  I host and buy my domain names from Blue Host.

It costs approx. $80.00 a year to get a hosting account [which includes 1 free domain].They allow unlimited sub-domains. You can host as many websites as you want. I pay $ 11.99 each if I want to get a new domain.

If you can’t afford that. Than use and use a blog. Not as good as a website but better than others.

I use WordPress for my websites. I’m sure you will have questions. I’m open to new ideas from anyone and hope some more seasoned writers will help with answering questions.

Making Pennies to Making Dollars. Step 1.

What are you going to promote or pre-sell? For demonstration purposes How to Make Your Eyesight Better is Live. 

It’s targeting vision without glasses niche. I chose this niche because it has low competition and low refunds. Another  tip is if a niche has 2 or more products.

First… Go to Clickbank and open an account. Why clickbank? They deposit my earning every 2 weeks into my bank account like clockwork. You will need to make so many sales before you can be paid. I never said this was going to be easy. Well worth the effort and once you do that…its dollars not pennies going into your account or you can be paid by cheque.

Second… Look thru marketplace. There’s 1000’s of products to choose from. I look for products that pay at least $20.00 per sale. Low refunds. Gravity of 5 or more. Most importantly for us is they must have a sales page that you make you want to buy it. I always buy the product with my affiliate link. Also look for a good affiliate resource section. Have keywords. Banners and low refunds.

Third… Head over to Google and get a AdWords account. This is so you can have access to their Keyword Planner Tool.

Fourth… Getting a domain name. Once you have chosen your product use the keyword tool to find a keyword phrase that has at least 500 searches a month and low competition. Once you have a list of possible domain names. Go to Go Daddy and use there domain name checker tool. You will want to get a .com domain.


Making Pennies to Making Dollars.Introduction & Step 1.

Making Pennies to Making Dollars. Step 2.

Making Pennies to Making Dollars. Step 3.

Making Pennies to Making Dollars. Step 4.