Installing WordPress, plugins, theme and layout.

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Hi...Connie Here. if your just starting with "Making pennies to Making dollars". At the bottom of this article will be a list of steps in you missed some. I have also set up a demo site How to Make Your Eyesight Better. You will find a link to at the bottom of the article as well.
I’m going to assume that you have chosen a product and have picked out a domain name for your website. If you’re using a blog or other site for your landing page [pre-sell page] you will use your chosen keyword phrase.

First…Uploading WordPress to your site. In whatever hosting place you are using there should be a [ cpanel] Here you will find website builders, file management, statistics… Etc. If your using blue host, go to website builder, and:

click on wordpress.

Next click on start [a brand new install].

Next select the domain to install on.  Then click check domain.

Click continue [ignore the overwrite warning]

Next click the [terms and conditions box] and then click install now.

Just ignore the ad pages and themes pages. once install is complete you will receive an email thanking you and giving you the login information for your new website. [sometimes it goes to spam folder].

Another reason I use bluehost is there great help center. I have called them many times to work out issues and have always been treated politely.

Second… Choosing and installing a theme.

I’m a fan using all free themes. Go to google and click images and enter the following search.[free wordpress themes eye health] in your case you would search for free themes about your website content. I searched eye health because my product is vision without glasses.

Once you have found a theme that’s related to your niche, download it [save it where you can find it] I save everything to my desktop and create a folder for each niche.

Ok. Now log in to your website admin area…Go to dashboard

Scroll down to appearance and click it

Go to themes in the sub menu.

On the top bar click on add new

Next click on browse

Find the theme [it will probably be zipped] click it and then click open

Click install now

Click activate

Your theme should be showing in themes. Click customize

Open the [site title and tagline] drop down menu.

In site title. Enter the title, should be same as url.

In tagline. Enter as short description using your keyword phrase in it.

Click save & publish

Now your theme is installed.


It’s very important to have you keyword phrase in the URL, TITLE and use it once in TAGLINE.

Third… Site layout. Hopefully you have picked a theme that uses 2 columns or has the capacity too. Take a look at my demo site How to Make Your Eyesight Better to see how the layout is…You can have the column left or right.

Fourth… Installing plugins. This list are the plugins I use and work great for an affiliate site.

Go to your dashboard and scroll down to plugins and click it and then click add new.

Enter “All In One SEO Pack” into the search box and click search plugins

In the new window click install now.

Click ok to the popup box

Then click activate plugin

Repeat this procedure for the following plugins.

- “ Google XML Sitemaps

- “ Page Links To ”

- “ PageMash “

- “ Simple Analytics “

- “ WordPress Hit Counter “

Ok. Your site should now be ready for some content. I’m going to adding 3 posts for demo purposes to the demo site.


Next step 3… Will be on content, configuring plugins, adding pages, adding posts. If you want to get a head start on your content…You will need to write 5 [1000 word articles]…

Write a 1000 word article on your main keyword which is the same as url, title, and description.

Now you should find 4 more keywords that are related to your sites content…

Write 4 [1000 word articles] one article for of the 4 each keyword phrase’s you have chosen.

In each article use your main keyword phrase 6 times and use the keyword phrase of the other 4 articles once throughout the article.

I find it easier to bold the keywords in each article…We will be linking these posts to each other later. If you do make the first 3 posts to your site…NO affiliate links!!


It’s crucial that all your content is ORIGINAL and UNIQUE…Run all your work thru copyscape before posting. If you’re going to copy your work Google WILL NOT rank your site!


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