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Hi...Connie Here. if your just starting with "Making pennies to Making dollars". At the bottom of this article will be a list of steps in you missed some. I have also set up a demo site How to Make Your Eyesight Better. You will find a link to at the bottom of the article as well.


Hopefully you have you site up and it needs some content! To configure all in one seo. In the dashboard scroll down to “All in one seo” and go to sub menu “general settings”.

Making Pennies to Making Dollars Step 3

First… Go to home page settings and fill in “home title” “home description” and “home keywords”. Scroll down to Keyword settings and uncheck the box “dynamically generate keywords for post pages”. You will be adding keywords more relevant to the post and page content.

Second…The first post is going to be the article you wrote using the keywords for your url and title. Use the keyword phrase once in the first sentence in your article and bold it. Add 2 or three images. When your uploading the image be sure to add your keywords for the “image title” box and a brief line telling what the image is about in the “alt” box. Than write a sentence or 2 saying what the image is about in more detail “description” box.

Third…Now post the other 2 more 1000 word articles and follow the same layout as for first article [you will keep the other  2 articles until your site is indexed] Now when you wrote the articles you would have bolded the keywords of the other articles throughout . Now you interlink the 3 articles to each other. Visit the demo site How to Make Your Eyesight Better as an example.

Fourth…When you’re posting your article in edit mode scroll down to the “all in one seo pack” the next box below the article. There you will have a “snippet preview” Fill in the title box “rewrite the post title” and the “description box” write a 2 sentence description using keyword in it. Now in the “keywords box” enter 5 or 6 related keywords.

Fifth…On the right hand side you will see a “tags box” enter in the same keywords your used in the seo keyword box. Now a bit higher on the right side is a “categories Box” Enter a keyword that describes  the articles content. I used eye exercises, improving your vision, make eyesight better.

If you go to the dashboard and scroll to “appearance” and then click “widgets” on the sub menu. If you drag the “tag cloud” into the sidebar section. You will have a tag cloud showing your keywords.

Article marketingCredit: Sixth...Go to pages and add a “about me page” “privacy policy page” and a “contact me page” Add a picture of yourself in the about me page. If you go back to widgets and add a text widget to the top right side you can put some of your about me page text in this widget and link to it from there. Go to YouTube and see if can find some videos, if you can post them to a videos page on your site.

***NOTE     Will add Affiliate Disclosure Page once site is monetized.

Seventh…If you have a twitter account, tweet each of your 3 articles. If you have a pinterest  account  pin each article using the top image. All in one seo will ping your posts.

Eighth…Write 6 articles 400 words long using related keyword phrases. Setup a blogger blog and post 3 of these articles there, add a picture and link the picture to the main post of your website [fist post]. Then add 1 text link to website. Make sure you use “labels” add 4 to 5 labels [keywords]. Make sure these links from the blogs are “no-follow”.

Join “writers blogging blog” and post the other 3 articles there, follow the same instructions as posting to your own blogger blog.

Contact “dreamaker”  and He will invite you to post on his blog.

                               Now you wait for google to index your site

If you want a head start on step 4… You will need to write 5 more 1000 word articles use related keywords. Use the keyword phrase in the title, and put 1 link in the article to your first post. These 5 articles will be pages on your site, they will be put in a widget titled “featured reading”.

I just removed using infobarrel as a source to get back links to your site. As admin no longer will allow contextual self-serving links from your article body or from your signature. It looks link you can still link to amazon products. 


                 Do not add these articles UNTIL google has INDEXED you site.

As of this morning March 3, 2014 the demo site is indexed and it’s on page 9. Now I expect it to move around a lot as I start adding more content.


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Demo Site:  How to Make Your Eyesight Better