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Good Morning...How's your site doing. Posting this morning so you will have the weekend to look it over. If your just starting with "Making pennies to Making dollars". At the bottom of this article will be a list of steps in you missed some. I have also set up a demo site How to Make Your Eyesight Better. You will find a link to at the bottom of the article as well.


We will proceed to step 4 ONLY if Google has indexed your site.

To find out if google has indexed your site, Search for it on google using this site:your

If is indexed it will be in the results page. If it’s not indexed, you must wait to proceed until it has been indexed!

First…Post the other 2 articles with the bolded keywords…Use the same procedure as posting the first 3 articles. Pin and tweet these 2 articles.

Second…Now it’s time to post the second batch of 1000 word articles as pages. Do the same as the posts and scroll down to the “all in one seo pack” the next box below the article. There you will have a “snippet preview” Fill in the title box “rewrite the post title” and the “description box” write a 2 sentence description using keyword in it. Now in the “keywords box” enter 5 or 6 related keywords. Make sure you.  Pin and tweet these 5 articles.

Now make a link from the page to the first post of your site. Do this for all 5 pages. Put these articles in a widget.

***NOTE Putting your articles into the sidebar widget may be to advanced for some of us.

No worries I will walk you thru it….

Begin by posting your page and filling out the “all in one seo” section. Now Publish it. Depending on which theme your using the default home for your article is the top bar [where your pages are displayed].  Ok. What we are going to do now is go to the dashboard and scroll down to pages and go to the sub-menu called “pagemash.” Find the page title and hover over the arrow to the right of it. Then click “hide” and then at the bottom right of the page click “update” You should have “pagemash” installed already. If not go to plugins and enter pagemash and then activate it.

So now the page you just posted is no longer in the top bar. Go back to dashboard, then hover over pages and in the sub menu click “all pages” find the page you want then hover over it and click “view” Now open notepad  and copy and paste the page title and the page url onto notepad.

Now go dashboard and scroll down to “posts” and in the sub menu “click add new” now in this post do not enter any title! This is the post we use to gather the needed code to add to the widget! If you’re a master of html code then proceed to next step! If not here we go, In notepad copy the page title [one of the 5 articles] you wrote as pages. Paste the title in the editor and then copy the url of the page from notepad. Now highlight the title and click the link button in editor tools and paste the url into it, it now becomes a clickable link.

From this post editor you can change the color, text and whatever else you want to change; this is how the link will look in the widget. Now change the editor from “Visual” to “text”. Now copy the html code and paste it in notepad. Close out the window. Now go to your dashboard and scroll down to appearance and “click widgets” in the sub menu.

Drag a text box and drag it into the spot you want it to show in the sidebar. You can add a title if you want. Now copy the html code you have in notepad and paste in into the widget and “click save” Now repeat the same process for the other 4 articles.

I like to have a space between the widget content. In the widget box just below the html code enter the following code to create a space between posts. [ <br></br>] This is the code you put between each post to create a nicer looking widget. If you want you can space you posts in the recent posts widget. Just drag it away and drag a text box and do the same thing as you did for the page widget box.

***NOTE  If you want to add a picture to a widget just do the same thing as for getting the code for the page widget.


Step 5 will be about backlinking.

Back linking… I was planning on using infobarrel in this step, but as of now I have not gotten a reply from admin yet. It’s a shame I picked high paying AdSense related keywords for this batch.

Get a head start. Write 5 more 1000 word articles using related keywords.

We will be posting this next batch of articles to Ezinearticles. Why this article directory…It’s the top article directory out there. Yes there are strict guidelines!  Well worth the extra effort. They are a PageRank 6. I will go over how to post in step 5.

Join the following article directories.

- Ezinearticles!

- Streetarticles!

- Goarticles!

- Sooperarticles!

- Hubpages!

In addition to Twitter and Pinterest join the following.

- Stumbleupon.

- Folkd.

- Delicious.

- Biosonomy.


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