Step 5. Backlinking!

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Hello everyone…Sorry for the delay. I went to see my mom and attended her 81st birthday celebration.  As you might have noticed the demo site was down for a week. Bad plug-in it’s up and running again.

As of today March 27, 2014 its sitting at the top of page 2 for “how to make your eyesight better” quoted results. It’s at the top of page 6 for search result. I hope your site is up and running.

Back linking… I was planning on using infobarrel in this step, but infobarrel will no longer allow outgoing links. You may be under the impression that back linking is dead! Many types of backlinks don’t work anymore. There are also many types of back links that do work!

I ‘m going to assume you have joined the following sites:

- Ezinearticles!

- Streetarticles!

- Goarticles!

- Sooperarticles!

- Hubpages!

In addition to Twitter and Pinterest join the following.

- Stumbleupon.

- Folkd.

- Delicious.

- Biosonomy

Posting Your Articles On EzineArticles.

You will need 1000 word articles for submitting to Ezinearticles. This is the top article directory online. It has continued to flourish despite all googles updates. O.K. They will only ACCEPT unique original content. Your articles must “Must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.I highly recommend you read through their “Editorial Guidelines”.

Their editor is very self-explanatory. And we will be using the resource box for 2 back links to your site. Just be aware that you will need to proof read your article several times over several days. Microsoft “word” will not auto-correct errors that will not be accepted by ezinearticles!

These are the steps I use BEFORE submitting my articles!

1. Write the article using keyword phrase 6 times. You can have approx. 15% of the article word count in your bio box.

2. Use 1 link in anchor text to your sites main post. At the end of the bio box use the url of your site as 1 link.

You will need to have some basic html skills to create the links.

Here’s an example of the anchor text code.

Let’s use the sample site of

We will use the following code to make an anchor text clickable link using the words Sample Site

<a href=””>Sample Site</a>

Using this code will make the text Sample Site clickable and when clicked will go to

By inserting the url as the sample site it will look like this.

<a href=””></a>

3.  Once the article is in word and on my desktop I will read thru it and make any obvious changes.

4. If you can afford an online spell / grammar checker I recommend you get one. I use “spell check plus” I believe you can use it for one year for about $20.00. Run your article thru the spell check plus checker and make any needed changes. I try to get at least 97% for this first time run.

Next I leave the article on the desktop and forget about it for the rest of the day. The next morning I read the article again and make any changes. I then run it thru spell check plus again, I do this 2 times on the second day. On the third day I again read the article and correct and obvious errors, and then I run it thru spell check plus again looking for a score of 100%.

On the fourth day I read the article again…You will be surprised at how many little mistakes turn up. These little mistakes will NOT BE ACCEPTED by ezinarticles! Then I post the article.

5. Post the other 4 articles the same way.

Posting Articles at GoArticles.

Next! Ok. Now write another 5 articles 700 words. These articles are going to be posted at hub pages.

Your allowed to link to a site you own. The first link in anchor text will be to your sites main page, make the link contextual. The second link will be to the ezinearticle that’s related to the keyword you wrote the ezinearticle about. Use a links module to link the 5 hubs to each other.

Use 2 images in each hub; be sure to give the proper image credit. Post your 5 hubs.

6.  Write another 5 articles 700 words. These articles will be posted at Goarticles. You will need to use html code in the bio box to link your articles. Link the first link in anchor text to your sites main page and link the second link to the related ezinearticle. You can’t interlink your articles at goarticles. Post the other 4 articles.

7. Its time to backlink all your posts to the following places.

In addition to Twitter and Pinterest join the following.

- Stumbleupon.

- Folkd.

- Delicious.

- Biosonomy.

Now you sit back and wait for your site to move up on Google’s page spot!

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Next Step will be…

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