Adsense Revenue 24/7

Adsense Revenue 24/7

Making Money with Adsense

Passive Income

Multiple streams of income and even better, passive income are the name of the game these days.

Google Adsense offers a useful and lucrative way to make a passive secondary income and has led to some individuals earning five monthly figures.
So how do they do this and more importantly how can you.  Here are a list of steps to help you on your way to earning some money with Adsense.

Firstly you need to play the numbers game.  It is all about quantity in Adsense (ok and some quality) so initially you need to get up as many sites as possible.

Aim to put up at least one site a week for 52 weeks.  Or if you want to speed the process up do more each week if you can. 

Using a simple site you can really maximize your potential earnings, but first you will need to determine which areas or niches are popular and more importantly accessible.  To do this you can either use the Google Keyword Tool or purchase software like Market Samurai which will save you a lot of time.  You can get a free trial for the software online.

Once you have established which keywords are potentially likely to take you to the first page in Google you will need to register your domain name.  Ideally this name or URL will need to be the same as your keyword.  So if you are targeting Blank Christmas Cards, a domain name of '' would be ideal.

Building your site can be done using the numerous tools has to offer and with the various plugins and widgets available you can ensure the site has been search engine optimized and that your Adsense ads are clear for all to see and click on. 

If the ads appearing are not what you would hope for, you will need to relook at your site and populate it with a higher density of your keyword and secondary keywords.

Make sure you get your site listed on the search engines.  There are many good resources online on how to do this and you simply have to 'Google It' to get a list up to start investigating.

Tracking is important to get a feel for which ads are working and on which parts of the site.  Adjusting can enable you to get a higher click through rate and more cash!  There are various plugins for Wordpress which will allow analytics on your site.