Tea has been around for centuries, and everyone will tell you their special way they like to make tea. It is the most popular drink in the world, and it was said to have been invented by a Chinese Emperor in 2737 BC.

We still basically make it the same way as all those years ago. But here are some quick tips on how to make that perfect cup of tea every time. With some of the different types  on the market now, you can get the most flavour out of them, by using some of these tips:

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To make Black Tea

You have to start with fresh cold water (never use water from the hot water tap for making a brew, you should always start with cold water that has ran for a minute or two)

Now boil the water (boiling water brings out the best flavour)

Make sure and warm the tea pot

As soon as the water has boiled (don't wait) pour over your bag or loose

(use one teaspoon of loose  or one tea bag) for each cup you are making.

Cover the pot and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

Strain out the loose or remove the bag.


To Make Hot Green Tea

Green is a bit touchier than black , and tastes its best when brewed just below the boiling point.

So, take your fresh cold water, and bring to a rolling boil. But then instead of using the water right away as in making black, you will let the water cool down in the kettle for about 5 minutes.

Then to make green, pour the water over either one teaspoon of loose green or one bag for one cup of great tasting cup. Most pots will make a couple of cups, so gauge your  measurements by the cup.

Make sure you strain the loose or remove the bag, or it will get too strong.

Real Iced Tea

Find yourself a one litre pitcher, and then put 6 teabags in it.

Pour 1-1/4 cups of freshly boiled water (remember to run the cold water tap for a minute and don't use the hot water tap) over the 6 teabags you have in the pitcher. Let it steep for 5 minutes.

Remove the teabags, and then fill the pitcher with fresh cold water.

Put ice in your glass and pour over the ice. Then sweeten to taste. (although it tastes great without sugar too!)

Don't put the ice in the pitcher or it will water it down too much, put the ice in the glass, and pour it over the ice.

Use a French Press

Another great way to make tea, is to use a French Press. Although traditionally used for making coffee, you can use this for making tea when using loose leaves. This saves on using a strainer. Just follow the same directions as above, and after you let it steep, you slowly press down the press. It keeps the leaves out of your cup, once steeped, and the flavour is great.

When you make it with a French Press, make sure you have one just for the tea. Even though you wash these afterwards, you can still get a bit of a coffee taste in your tea, so have one just for you and your tea making!