In order to get optimum returns, it is very important that your online advertising is substantially powerful to make the readers reach out for their wallets and buy what you have on offer.

One of the important points to be remembered in online advertising is that your audience is not going to spend all day on your website. So, you need to create powerful, attention grabbing headline to have undivided attention of your target audience. Mind well, you do not have more than a few seconds of their time. Your audience will read further only if the headline is interesting.

Your headline should be attention grabbing, interesting from your customer’s perspective and clearly state the benefits to the customer. It should create an urgent need to act. It should actually compel the readers to read on further. 

To create a powerful headline for your online marketing campaign, you need to know a little about consumer psychology. You will need to know what motivates them most, what it is that ignites their curiosity.   

As per Abraham Maslow, the father of human psychology, every human being has 5 basic needs which need to be met. He calls it theory of hierarchy of needs.

The first amongst it is the basic needs or the physiological need of food, clothing, shelter and sex. The second is security-financial, physical and emotional security. The next in line is the social security –the need to be loved and accepted by the society. Once these basic needs are satisfied, human beings will move on to other needs namely recognition, respect etc. The last one is satisfying the ego.

Once you understand the basic needs of human beings, you know drives them. Now, all you need to do is incorporate it in to your headline.

Let us take a look at some of the most effective headlines that will improve your online advertising campaign:

“How to get what you want” or “How to lose 7 pounds in 30 days” are some of the examples of effective online advertising. 

Another great way of capturing reader’s attention is to ask question that relates with them. For example: “Are you dead tired working for your boss”  

Highlighting the benefits also works well- “Earn Hands Free income In Your Free time” 

Or: informative headlines such as: “A Major Breakthrough in Online Advertising” 

These headlines will help you get your potential customer’s interest and compel them to read what you have to say. Make sure that the rest of the ad copy is captivating enough to motivate them finally purchase from you.