mouth starts watering when I even begin to think about a buffet. There is something about the combination of the words unlimited and food that can make a food-lover like myself fall to their knees. I know for a fact that there are many other people like myself that look forward to going to a buffet so much that they find themselves dreaming about it the night before. The amazing fact of the matter is that with the right decisions, an individual following a nutritional weight loss plan can successfully eat at a buffet while continuing to consistently lose weight. The key to doing this is to realize that you have options due to the size of a buffet restaurant, and that the proper choices of these options will promote weight loss.

The number one mistake that people make when eating at a buffet is ordering a flavoured drink. By doing this people are already ruining their nutritional weight loss plan before they even touch their first plate of food. You have a lot of options when ordering a beverage such as fruit punch, coca cola, or sprite...stick with the basics and choose water. You would only be drinking water if you were following your nutrition plan at home, so at the beverage level, you are not consuming any more calories than you usually would if you were eating an average meal that you made at your house.

The second mistake that people make is eating the first few food that they see; take the time to see what the buffet has to offer before making your eating choice. A person making a bad decision will walk into a buffet and immediately spot a big bowl of penne pasta drenched in tomato sauce; they will choose to eat that because they think that it is ``sort of a healthy choice``. Whereas, a person making a great decision will walk around the buffet exploring their options, and ultimately decide on a grilled chicken breast seasoned with parsley; they will choose to eat that because they think that it is ``a really healthy choice that will help me lose weight through nutrition``. It is important to take the time to explore your options and ultimately make the choice of the foods that will promote your weight loss.

The final mistake that people make is walking past the desert table and observing what it has to offer. As was stated in the article Whats In Your Fridge, visualization of foods plays a role in temptation, and temptation plays a large role in actually giving in and eating them. It would be nice to have the ability to have a piece of chocolate cake placed in front of you and willingly decline the offer, and there are some people who have this ability; however, for those of us that lack this ability, steering clear of the desert table is a great method.

Buffets can be an amazing thing for people who love food, and can actually allow someone to continue to lose weight while eating at them. Just remember 3 things from the moment that you set foot in a buffet: always ask for water, explore your options, and never stare at the desert table! If you follow these guidelines you will be able to eat at a buffet and not worry at all about your weight loss consistency