Do you observe family time? For most fathers, the answer would be a NO. Well because the kids are not asking for it does not mean they do not need it. A time is essential in harnessing love in the family. With several things to attend to for everybody like the business trips, the birthday parties, the PTA invitations, the soccer games, the time isn’t just there for a good family. Those brief heartfelt exchanges as we pass each other would not substitute for a good family time. But what if you have attempted and failed several times to achieve regular family times? That is because you have failed to make it a priority. Prioritizing family time is the first lesson you need to learn. Prioritizing family time would make you to have a schedule for it. The schedule must be adhered to strictly and must be respected. That would entail declining last minute invitations to birthdays, dinners, PTA meetings and the likes.

Now when you start to have family times, make sure you plan well ahead your family times. Whenever you intend going for an outing with your family, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to do. Ensure availability of supplies in the right quantity and make prior reservations.

Making Time For Family Time

Whenever you are having discussion in the family, avoid distractions. Put off the television, no use of computers and video games. These distractions reduce the quality time with the family and rob us of attention. Discuss with your family and be attentive to everyone’s opinion. This would engender a spirit of unity in the family and enable everyone to connect with each other. Remember that family time is an essential duty in parenthood and neglecting it can have some disastrous consequences in the long run. Start it and keep it up running. It is the only requires your commitment.

Wishing you a happy time, at your next family outing.