Shooting is the only way you can score in basketball, which makes it the only way to win games. However, before you move on to perfecting your shot, you should perform ball handling basketball drills to build your fundamentals. Only then will you be able to comfortably start working on your shooting and scoring using basketball shooting drills.

Consistent practice and training using different basketball shooting drills is the surest way to making the best of your time to enhance your accuracy and field goal percentage. By doing so, you become an efficient shooter and will be an asset to your team. However, never make the mistake of forgetting about your other fundamentals too. Work with ball handling basketball drills to complement your shot training.

Here are some basketball shooting drills you can use to help you out with your shots.

1.) Basic Shooting Drill

This is the simplest form among the different basketball shooting drills out there. This can be done by two players and one ball. One player stands near the basket with the ball while the other player spots up anywhere he wants on the court. When the whistle is blown, the player with the ball passes it to the shooter then runs to a desired spot. The shooter should take the shot immediately after receiving the ball and run down to grab his own rebound. Then, he passes the ball to his partner so he can take the shot.

This cycle goes on until both players reach a certain number of shots the coach decides.

2.) Jump Shots With Pressure

For this drill, you will need two players. Player one will stand underneath the hoop with the ball while player two stands at a desired shooting location. When the drill starts, player one passes the ball to player two then charges at him. Player one must attempt to distract player two and apply pressure, but he should not attempt to block the shot. Player two must attempt the shot after he receives the ball.

After shooting, player one must guard player two until the ball hits the floor. When this happens, they switch positions. Player 1 is now on offense and player 2 is now on defence. Keep doing this cycle until both players have taken five shots.

3.) Free Throw Drill

Free throws should not be taken for granted. Oftentimes, free throws end up deciding the outcome of a game.

Have one player stand at the free throw line and instruct him to attempt ten free throws. Count the number of misses and have the rest of the team do laps depending on how much the player missed. After the team finishes the laps, instruct the player to attempt the same number of misses he made. Count the misses and have the rest of the team do laps again. This goes on until the player no longer misses.

These are simple basketball shooting drills you can have your team do. When done with consistency and effort, they may be all you need to drain shots and win games.