There are many ways to make your marriage work successfully and also many ways that it can fail.  It is important if you want to make your marriage work that you put forth effort and dedication.

Date Nights: It is important to have a date night every once in a while to make your marriage work successfully.  I know with kids things can get a little crazy and it just may not seem like you have time to get out.  It is important to make that time.

Celebrating Anniversary: Your anniversary is supposed to be something special.  Continue to make it special each year by going out and celebrating.  Anniversary’s are not meant to be forgotten and it is very sad to see some people out there not celebrating another year of marriage each year.

Talking Things Out: The worst thing you want to have is an emotionally abusive relationship.  It is very important to talk things out when you have an argument.  Don’t be abusive emotionally or physically.  Talk things out and compromise about things that you just don’t see eye to eye on.

Little Gestures: Little gestures can mean the world to someone.  Even just a little shoulder rub or a hug can show someone that you truly care about them.  Also little things like telling them how much you mean to them and a simple “I love you” note in their lunchbox is a great way to let someone know how much you care.

Kind Words: Kind words are always beneficial in a relationship.  I am not talking about the words that you should be saying like, “I love you”, which is expected.  Saying thank you, please, telling the other person how much they mean to you is important as well.  In a marriage it is important to be kind to the other person.  Avoid calling them mean words and names because those words are hard to get out of a person’s head.

Do not Compare: It is important not to compare your spouse to another person.  Saying, “Well Sarah’s husband does this for her”, is not a way to win over your spouse and make your marriage work successfully.  Instead of comparing, motivate your spouse to do positive things around the house to strengthen your marriage and your family.  Be willing to do things for them in return to make them happy.  Before you act, ask yourself what things you can do to help put your significant other in a good mood.

Forgiveness: Everyone makes mistakes.  Forgiveness is one way to make a marriage work.  Forgive and forget and don’t hold grudges in your marriage if you want it to work out.

Remember Your Best Memories: All marriages have wonderful memories, even if it doesn’t end the way that you would like it to.  Remember the best memories you have had with your spouse and write them down so you can be sure to remember them.  As your marriage and your relationship grows with the other person, keeping adding to the list. 

The only way your marriage is going to work is if you are trying.  Dedication, support and patience are all things that you must need when you are with someone you love.