Making your own handcrafted jewelry is a fun and creative hobby that can give you more than just pleasure. When you are finished with a piece of jewelry you now have something that you can wear and continue to enjoy for years.

You will need some tools and equipment for making handcrafted jewelry. The type of jewelry that you are planning on making will determine the kind of tools that you will need. For the most part you should get a pair of wire cutters, pliers that do not have ridges, a bead board, and needles for beading. These items should get you started and you can always pick up anything that you need for a new project as you go along.

Get some jewelry making books to start off. They will give you some nice designs to try to get acquainted with the different kinds of techniques that you can use. Wire wrapping jewelry can produce some wonderful designs at a fairly low cost. All you need is a wire-wrapping jig to get started and you can make some really unique designs. Start off with some low cost wire to practice and once you get the hang of it you can make jewelry from sterling wire and gold. Keep in mind that the sterling and gold wires will be considerably softer so they will wrap a bit differently. This is a fun way to get started with handcrafted jewelry.

Selecting the beads that you will use in your handcrafted jewelry creations is a lot of fun also. There are beads in a variety of materials in a selection of colors that you can't possibly imagine. You can also find some handmade beads for your jewelry that will give you very unique pieces. You might even decide to get into making your own beads for your handcrafted jewelry.

Go to your local craft store for some lessons on jewelry making. They are always offering classes for crafting lessons and you might be able to get into a handcrafted jewelry class. This is a way to get some tips from people who have been creating jewelry for many years and have some experience to pass along.

Creating your own handcrafted jewelry is a wonderful way to increase your jewelry wardrobe and make great gifts for your friends and family. Selecting the materials and working out the piece is a time consuming and enjoyable hobby that many people are very passionate about. Find out what all the buzz is about and start making your own jewelry. You will probably get hooked.