Making Your Own Protein Bars

This recipe will guide you to making your own protein bars. They are perfect to consume in between meals as a healthy and protein-rich snack, and according to me, they’re also very tasty!

This recipe will give you 10 protein bars, and each bar contains approximately:

*19g Protein

*14g Carbohydrates

*6g Fat

* 200 Calories

So in conclusion, they contain nearly 20 grams of protein and only 200 calories, which means they’re also great for people who are on a diet.

Ingredients – This is what you’ll need:

10 Homemade Protein Bars

200 grams Protein Powder

100 grams Oats

0.5 Cups Milk

50 grams Peanut butter

50 grams Honey or Syrup

30 grams cocoa

30 grams Dark chocolate to cover the bars (optional)

My Personal Recommendation

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Optimum Nutrition's Whey Double Rich Chocolate is a great choice when making your own protein bars. It is also a top choice among "gym rats".

I personally used chocolate flavored protein powder when I tried this recipe, but I think strawberry and vanilla would taste great as well. I also crushed about 15 grams of peanuts which I added and it tasted great, so if you like peanuts I’d recommend you to do the same.

Making Your own Protein Bars

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients plus the peanut butter and honey in a big bowl.
  2. Progressively add some milk while you mix the batter with your hands, keep mixing until the batter is solid and a bit sticky.
  3. Spread the batter over a tray covered by a baking paper. Melt the chocolate and spread it over the batter.
  4. Let the tray rest in the fridge until the protein bars are solid. Then chop them up in evenly sized pieces.

You can also wrap the protein bars in tin foil, this will allow you to keep them for about a week before they go bad.

My Rating

These are the first protein bars I’ve made myself, and I am extremely happy with the results! As I mentioned, I used protein powder with chocolate taste. This combined with cocoa resulted in a very powerful yet great cocoa taste. The bars are also chewy which I like! They also manage to fill you up pretty well thanks to all the protein, making them the perfect snack. I got this recipe from a personal trainer. He’s also the one who calculated the nutritive value.

These protein bars have good nutritional value and are made on pretty good ingredients, especially if you’re looking to build muscle. This combined with the great taste makes them a definite recommendation from me!