Wedding InvitationsPurchasing wedding invitations can be very expensive. Wedding invitations can be printed at home for free and look just as nice as commercially printed invitations. When you are working on your guest list and need more invitations just print them out, unlike when you order the invitations and find you don't have enough. Wedding invitations are available online and there are sites that have many templates to choose from for free. Making your own wedding invitations is becoming a trendy way to cut some of the costs for a wedding while being creative and unique. The possibilities for originality are endless. So, be creative, enlist a creative friend or make it a joint project but give it a try!

Things You Will Need

Designer printer paper

Step 1

Print free wedding invitations at Hoover Web Design online at You will need Adobe Reader 9.3, which is a free download. There are over thirty free wedding invitation designs to choose from. The inside is left blank for you to provide your personalized wedding information,date,time and place, on parchment or the paper of your choice.

Step 2

Print the invitations from Do-it-Yourself Invitations on the paper of your choice. These are basic wedding invitations perfect for anyone not so computer inclined. Use calligraphy or a printed linen-paper sheet to convey the date, time and other information. Do -it-Yourself invitations is located online at

Step 3

Select one of many wedding invitation templates and add to it their unique verse offerings for an easy to print, personal wedding invitation. This site offers invitations for all weddings except the very formal one. 2n-Invite is located online at

Use your creativity to add special meaning to the invitations. The type of paper you use along with special seals on the envelopes, R.S.V.P. cards and designs you choose will make your wedding invitations one of a kind.

Tips & Warnings