How to Make a Bed Quickly and Effectively

Using 'Hospital Corners'

Making a bed is an everyday unwanted chore. But what is the best way to make a bed? How do you make a bed? Why bother, when you are just going to ruin it again in less than twelve hours? It isn't just a simple case of pulling up the sheets and blanket, but a battle with hospital corners, throw pillows and blankets, and all the fluffing and primping that goes with it.

How to make a bedCredit: morguefile

For those few who sleep without moving, and can get up in morning and simply slide out of bed and pull the sheet and blanket up, lucky you. For the rest of us. sleep comes with the unescapable fact that we move, roll and generally fight with our bed all night, waking up to find sheets pulled out, pillows moved and uncomfortable, and blankets and throws discarded and lopsided all over the bed. Whether this is due to your sleeping pattern, or your late night antics with your partner, the truth of the matter is, you are going to have to make the bed before you go to sleep again that night.

So here it is, how to make a bed. My one and only tip, use 'hospital corners'. This bed making technique keeps sheets and blankets folded and neat for a long time, and can withstand even the most vigorous of nighttime pulling and tugging.

If you have ever stayed the night in a hospital, or you're been in the army, you know what 'hospital corners' are. Basically it is very neat and study way to tuck sheets in around the bottom of a mattress so they don't pull out or become crumpled. They can be tricky to master, so I've included a step-by step instructions and a video below.



STEP ONE: Smooth the sheet or sheet and blanket over the bed, making sure that there is an equal overhang on either side of the bed, 40  centimetres (15 inches) is a good length for the over hang)

STEP TWO: Stand at the bottom of the bed and in one movement, lift the mattress and tuck in the overhang  at the bottom.

STEP THREE: Move to one side of the bed.

STEP FOUR: Take hold of the edge of the sheet, or top sheet and blanket together, at the point 50 centimetres (20 inches) from the bottom of the bed and lift it up onto the bed where it will form a point. This will leave a rough triangle of overhang 50 centimetres (20 inches) along from the bottom of the bed.

STEP FIVE: Tuck that overhang under the mattress, then allow the lifted  to drop back down over the side of the bed, and tuck that in.

STEP SIX: Repeat on the other side.

Hospital Corners Demostration

So there it is, how to make a bed. Depending on your level of bedroom display, hospital corners may be all you need to make the bed, but for those out there who enjoy a pretty bed, you can finish off your bed making session by plumping up your pillows and duvet, and placing a few pretty throw rugs and pillows on your bed. Whatever your bed making style is, nothing beats coming home from a long, stressful day, and tucking yourself into a nicely made bed with a hot drink and a book for company.