These simple but cute paper Christmas ornaments can be made using recycled and paper craft supplies. Simple enough to make great kids crafts, they don't take much time to put together. As a Christmas center piece they are sure to draw attention and the basic plan can be used to create all sorts of Christmas crafts.

Supplies needed include: Old Wrapping paper, Card board tubes, Construction paper or old Magazines, Crafting Glue, Scissors, Small pieces of ribbon, Old socks

Gather the needed craft supplies and paper items for making this Christmas centerpiece. For the cardboard tubes use empty toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, or even the empty tubes that Christmas wrapping papers come on if available. Use construction paper or left over wrapping paper to cover the tubes. Foil type papers look really nice. Fast drying craft glue or a glue stick will work well to glue the paper. Simple white school glue will do if used sparingly. The stocking caps are made from old worn out socks or some out grown baby's socks. Some Christmas ribbons for the caps and markers to draw on the faces are also needed. Lastly scissors, a pencil, and possibly a sewing machine or needle and thread will be needed for making these Christmas ornaments.

Cut the cardboard tubes to size for the Christmas centerpiece pieces. The figures range from 2 1/2 to 4 inches tall not including the caps and they were from a tube 1 1/4 inch wide. They can be made any size but the groupings look better if the sizes are varied. Wrap a straight edged, piece of paper around the tube to mark straight lines around the tube showing where to cut for length. Cut along the line making each paper tube the size wanted.

Cover the tubes using scrap pieces of Christmas wrapping paper as shown or some construction paper. Cut the paper so it goes around the tube with the ends overlapping by about a 1/2 inch. Spread a line of glue down the length of a tube and lay one edge of the covering paper over the glue to attach it to the tube. Wrap the paper around the tube then glue the top edge down. Use thin layers of glue so it will dry quickly. Set aside to dry. If metallic wrapping paper is used, these Christmas decorations will look stunning standing on a mirrored surface as shown in the picture.

While the tubes are drying, cut out the shapes for the faces, music books, and hands. Look at the picture below to see what the different shapes should look like. The faces are simple oval shapes cut from lighter colored papers. For the mouths either cut out smaller ovals or use a marker to draw them on the faces. The cheeks were cut from pink paper using a paper hole punch. Old magazine pages are a great source of colored papers such as the black and pink used in the faces. The eyes were simply drawn on with a marker. As a kids craft, these Christmas decorations are a great way to teach the kids about colors and shapes.

Once the tubes are dry enough to handle, glue the face ovals onto them. To make the ovals lay flat against the tubes, first wrapping each one around a curved surface like a pen or round pencil. This will make them curve and follow the shape of the tube. Put a thin layer of glue on the back side of each face and place on a tube positioning them as desired. Next glue on the mouths and the cheeks or draw them on, along with the eye shapes.

Make the music books and mittens. For the books simply cut some pieces of stiffer foil type wrapping paper into rectangles twice as long as they are wide and fold them in half to make a book. If wanted, decorate the books with some cutouts of musical instruments or notes. The ones shown are from rectangles that measured 2 inches by 1 inch. Cut the mittens out of some solid colored paper. Look at the picture to see what shape they are more or less. Glue an open book to the front of each tube, attaching the bottom corners to the sides of the tube so the book is angled upward. Glue the mittens to the tube so they overlap the edges of the book like they are holding it.

Make the caps. These can be made simply by using baby or doll sized socks. Fold the top edge down to make a cuff then fit the sock over the top of the tube. Finally tie a ribbon around what is now the top of the cap. A good source of ribbon is old bows saved from last year. If using old adult socks, first cut the top 4 or 5 inches off, then cut this tube of material open along one side. Lay the piece of sock out flat and then fold the sock material over on itself, right side toward the inside. Sew a seam up the side to create the new sock tube that will fit the paper tube. Sew it up either by hand or using a sewing machine. Turn the tube right side out, fold up the bottom cuff, slip it over the top of the cardboard tube and tie the top closed with a ribbon.

Place the group of carolers on a Christmas tray or on a mirrored surface to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. Surround them with some shiny ornaments or some small gift boxes. With some imagination this basic plan can be used to create all kinds of characters. Make angels with wings and halos of gold or silver ribbons, santas dressed in red with white beards and black boots or groups of reindeer or penguins.

A set of Carolers on a mirrored tray
Make the paper face curl
Mark a line by wrapping paper around the tube
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